Mom Kills Kids So They Can Go To Heaven

Mom Kills Kids So They Can Go To Heaven October 11, 2016

Mom gave kids a choice, be traumatized on Earth, or go to heaven and meet God.

In a depressing story, a Fort Wayne, Indiana, mother gives a jailhouse interview explaining that she killed her children so they could go to heaven and be closer to God.

Amber Pasztor is accused of killing her two children, 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor, in the backseat of a stolen car late last month.

Earlier this week, in an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 15, Pasztor discussed killing her kids and the reasons behind her heinous actions.

In the interview Pasztor said:

My kids are in a better place… They don’t have no worries no more.

On a more ominous note, Pasztor explained:

I gave them a choice. They can live traumatized like their mom, or they can go to heaven with God and be better off.

In the interview, Pasztor admits she smothered her two children to death, one by one.

Pasztor spoke with reporter Brett Thomas via videoconference from the Elkhart County Jail. The following is an excerpt from that call:

Brett Thomas: “Who did you smother first?”

Amber Pasztor: “My daughter.”

Thomas: “Then Rene?”

Pasztor: “Yeah, he wanted to go with her.”

Thomas: “Really?”

Pasztor: “I gave him a choice.”

Thomas: “What’d you say to them?”

Pasztor: “That they can live traumatized like their mom, or they can go to Heaven and with God and be better off.”

Thomas: “And they chose to go to Heaven?”

Pasztor: “Yes.”

Thomas: “What did they say? Did they say they want to go to Heaven, or did they just agree?”

Pasztor: “My daughter said she would kill herself first before somebody hurt her.”

Thomas: “So you put your hands over their mouths, did they fight you at all?”

Pasztor: “A little bit, yeah.”

In the interview, Pasztor also confessed to shooting and killing her 65-year-old neighbor, Frank Macomber, and stealing his car after promising him sex and convincing him to go camping with her.

Pasztor is being held in Elkhart County Jail without bond on two charges of murder until her trial date early next year.

Watch the entire interview below via NewsChannel 15

Amber Pasztor (Image via Screen Grab)
Amber Pasztor (Image via Screen Grab)

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