Trump Wants To Put Christianity Back Into U.S. Military

Trump Wants To Put Christianity Back Into U.S. Military October 3, 2016

Trump promises to end political correctness and put Christianity back into the military.

Speaking at a campaign event with Christian military veterans in Virginia, including some who said they were disciplined because of their outspoken religious beliefs, the GOP presidential candidate said he would “get away” from the political correctness that is supposedly ruining the U.S. military for conservative Christians.

Art one point in the town hall-style Q&A an Obama bashing veteran complained about military officials being disciplined for promoting Christianity. The vet asked, in part:

… the Obama administration has deliberately set out to take the Christian religion out of the military. Mr. Trump, how will you in your administration combat these attacks on military religious freedom of expression?

In a long winded and convoluted answer Trump agreed with the questioner, and expanded his answer to include the so-called “Johnson Amendment,” a law which prevents churches with tax-exempt status from promoting partisan political agendas.

At the event Trump also repeated his complaints about so-called “political correctness,” at one point declaring:

We’re gonna get away from political correctness. We have a politically correct military and is getting more and more politically correct every day and a lot of the great people in this room don’t even understand how it’s possible to do that. And that’s through intelligence, not through ignorance, believe me, some of the things they’re asking you to do and be politically correct about are ridiculous.

At the event, Trump did not give any specifics as to what he would do to “get away from political correctness” and put the Christian religion back into the U.S. military.

Bottom line: Trump is confused. He seems to be under the impression that the separation of church and state is simply a matter of “political correctness.” Perhaps he should read the U.S. Constitution.

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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