FFRF: ‘Keep Religion Out Of Government’

FFRF: ‘Keep Religion Out Of Government’ November 16, 2016

Freedom From Religion Foundation fights for church state separation.

A new billboard that just went up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, declares:

Keep Religion Out Of Government

The display, paid for by the national Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), debuted on Monday and will be up for a month.

Commenting on the new billboard, FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said:

This is a timely reminder to our new government that our nation was founded on the uniquely American principle that religion should stay out of the public sphere. The framers of our godless Constitution were wise to realize the wars, strife, terrorism and persecution go hand in hand when religion is allied with government. The incoming administration would do well to remember that.

Also commenting on the new billboard, Freedom From Religion-Albuquerque Vice President Kristen Gandy said:

As our country faces a challenging transition, we want to remind its citizens that it is imperative to honor the intentions of our Founders. We also want to let secular individuals within our local area know that they are not alone in their values. Nontheists have a place in New Mexico to come to participate in activism, to let their godless voices be heard, and be supported in their constitutional rights with our local organization.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation works to promote the viewpoint of freethinkers, including atheists and agnostics, and to protect the constitutional principle of separation between religion and government.

Bottom line: Please support the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

(Image via Freedom From Religion Foundation)
(Image via Freedom From Religion Foundation)
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