Holy Warrior Monica Crowley Joining Trump Administration

Holy Warrior Monica Crowley Joining Trump Administration December 15, 2016

Fox news personality and Christian extremist Monica Crowley will serve as deputy national security adviser in President-elect Donald Trump’s new administration.

Earlier today, Crowley confirmed to The Hill that she will be chosen to serve as a deputy national security adviser in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

Crowley, a conservative radio host and Fox News analyst, is known for her extreme and hawkish stance against Islam.

Previously she has attacked the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy positions, particularly their avoidance of the term “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Crowley has even gone so far as to publicly proclaim the U.S. is in a “holy war” against Islam.

Appearing on Fox in 2014, Crowley made it clear that she believe the U.S. is in a “holy war,” declaring:

This is a holy war. This is a holy war. Whether we want to see it that way or not, whether it’s politically correct to say it or not, this is the truth. And the enemy gets a veto, they get a vote as to whether or not we’re still in this war. So this commander-in-chief can come out publicly and say, repeatedly, the war is ending, it’s over, we’re bringing home our guys.

The enemy has a vote on this and this Jihad will be perpetual until the infidel is done, gone, killed, or in submission. That is the truth of the other side. We’re in this holy war not because I’m saying it but because the enemy is saying it.

Last year Crowley openly endorsed Trumps anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric, again invoking the notion of “holy war” to make her point:

Here is something that [Donald] Trump is really identifying here. He is saying, and he is right about this, we actually have no idea how to fight this war. This is a holy war. This is essentially the Constitution versus the Quran on every level. The Constitution is not built to fight this war. And what Trump is saying is, look, we have to first admit we don’t know how to fight this war. And so until we figure this out, let’s put a temporary halt on all of this until we can sort things out. That is a commonsense statement. It’s not necessarily a policy proposal; it is a commonsense statement that the America people have responded to.

Writing for The Washington Times in November 2015, Crowley claimed only a fraction of the refugees pouring into Europe from Syria were fleeing “war and persecution.” Most, she wrote, were from “Middle East, North Africa and countries like Pakistan and Indonesia who are using the European Union’s open doors-open borders policy to reach the West for social welfare and the longer-term goal of spreading Islam.”

In her article, Crowley sounds the alarm concerning Islamic conquest through immigration, and warning of another form of jihad called “hijra”, writing:

Hijra is a core part of jihad going back to the Prophet Muhammad that involves Islamic conquest through migration. The objective is to overwhelm non-Muslim territories with Muslim populations until they achieve domination through sheer numbers. No weapons necessary — until they gain enough control.

Previously Crowley called Islam the religion of murder, noting:

In Islam, the Good Muslims are the Jihadis.

The Hill reports Crowley has been rumored for a position in the new Trump administration since the Republican’s victory on Nov. 8.

On Nov. 27, Crowley told The New York Post:

It would be an honor to serve in the new administration.

Armageddon, here we come.

Monica Crowley (Image via Screen Grab)
Monica Crowley (Image via Screen Grab)
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