Catholic High School Faces Criticism After Anal Rape Of Football Player

Catholic High School Faces Criticism After Anal Rape Of Football Player February 11, 2017

Canadian doctor blows the whistle on a Catholic High School trying to cover-up the anal rape of a football player.

A small Canadian town is embroiled in controversy after officials at a Catholic high school are caught covering-up the anal rape of a football player.

Concerned parents and other citizens are angry at the way a sexual assault of a football player at Holy Rosary High School was handled by district officials at the Lloydminster Catholic School Division (LCSD).

Dr. Kevin Govender, the Site Chief of Staff at the Lloydminster Hospital, explains:

There was a student in the locker room, who, as part of a hazing incident, or some kind of punishment for poor performance, had an object inserted into an orifice, with potential for injury.

My understanding is that the student was not taken to seek medical help immediately after the incident. The student was allowed to practice, and had a regular practice after the injury, and was only taken to the emergency approximately three hours after the incident.

Govender continued:

The fact that the child was sent to Edmonton for an opinion for pediatric surgery would indicate to you that there was potential that this injury could have been quite severe.

There is potential that the child could have bled out from a laceration of the area of penetration, and there was no way that a football coach would be able to determine whether that would happen or not. The reality of the situation is that the child could have had no symptoms at rest, but as the child engages in more demanding physical exercise with an increased heart rate, there is potential that there could have been a bleed from an area that had already clotted. The potential bleed could have been catastrophic, but we don’t know that.

Govender said the medical community in the city were “very concerned” about what took place, noting:

In my opinion, this is potentially a public health issue, with at least 45 students (emotionally) involved in this incident.

Govender also has children in the Catholic school division where the incident took place, and is unhappy with the cover-up:

I have children in the Catholic school division, and I have not received any information, electronically or written, about this incident, and unfortunately I think the majority of parents like me have not received any information about what has gone on.

I think the school, and the schoolboard, have a responsibility to inform parents about what has happened, and I think it’s important for the parents to have an opinion. I think it’s important for the schoolboard to hold a town hall meeting, with the parents, of students in the Catholic School Division, to answer questions as to this incident, and to establish whether this kind of practice is commonplace in the Catholic School Division amongst the sports teams, or not, and that’s my view.

Govender is not alone. Many parents and other concerned citizens are angry about how the episode was handled, and are using social media to express their frustration.

A viral thread on Reddit created about the incident by a self-identified resident of the town notes:

A catholic high school student in my town was analy raped with the leg of a chair before football practice, the coach (also the principal) made him to go to practice afterward. The incident was covered up, and no punishments were given out. Meanwhile, a student was expelled for skipping mass.

In response to the growing outrage, the Lloydminster Catholic School Division (LCSD) issued a statement expressing disappointment that “ concerns have been voiced in disagreement” concerning the way they have handled the anal rape of one of their students:

We are issuing this statement in response to current information being publicly distributed about an isolated incident that occurred at our high school on November 17, 2016. The misbehaviour was thoroughly investigated by the school division and the RCMP.  The RCMP investigation has been completed, resulting in no charges. It was determined that it was an isolated incident. The school division investigation resulted in administrative actions appropriate and consistent in cases of student related concerns.    

We find it extremely unfortunate that concerns have been voiced in disagreement with the outcomes of both the school division and RCMP investigations.

In all student misbehaviour investigations, there is a process of confidentiality while openly cooperating with the RCMP. It is our priority to remain focused on keeping the safety and privacy of our students and our school community. In accordance with our policy, procedures and privacy legislation, information concerning such matters is highly personal and we will not make further public comment beyond this statement.

Any questions regarding the police investigation can be directed to “K” Division, Media Relations of the RCMP.

The attempt at damage control seems to be failing, with many responding to the non-apology by the LCSD with outrage.

No criminal charges have been filed as a result of the sexual assault.

(H/T My Lloyd Minster Now)

Holy Rosary High School (Image via Facebook)
Holy Rosary High School (Image via Facebook)
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