Coward: DeVos Runs From Protesters at D.C. School

Coward: DeVos Runs From Protesters at D.C. School February 10, 2017

New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos turns and runs when faced with a few protesters at a Washington middle school on Friday morning.

ABC reports:

Betsy DeVos, in her first visit to a public school as head of the U.S. Department of Education, tried to enter a Washington, D.C., middle school this morning but was met with a small group of protesters.

However, instead of taking a moment to listen to the small group’s concerns, the new Secretary of Education quickly turned around and fled the scene.

As she hurried to her car protesters shouted:

Shame! Shame! Shame!

One man holding a Black Lives Matter sign told DeVos:

Keep giving money to senators and buying your way to the position.  hope you’re proud of yourself.

Later the new Education Secretary eventually returned and entered the school using a different entrance.

There are good reasons for protesters to be to opposing DeVos. The conservative billionaire is a radical Christian extremist who wants to use American schools to advance “God’s kingdom” and use taxpayer money to fund Christian schools.

DeVos is an anti-secular theocrat with no experience working in public education. However, she has used her immense wealth and influence to try and destroy public education in America.

In fact, the new Secretary of Education has never attended public school. She did not send her kids to public school. She has never worked in public schools. She does not have an education degree, and she has never been a teacher.

Bottom line: DeVos is a dangerous theocrat. She has demonstrated an open hostility to public education, and a desire to destroy public education by using taxpayer money to subsidize private, religious schools. She should expect more protests. 

Betsy DeVos (Image via Screen Grab)
Betsy DeVos (Image via Screen Grab)

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