GOP Rep: ‘Good Things’ Came From White Terrorist Attack

GOP Rep: ‘Good Things’ Came From White Terrorist Attack February 8, 2017

Congressman Sean Duffy explains that white terrorism isn’t as serious as Islamic terrorism.

Appearing on CNN earlier this week Republican Congressman Sean Duffy defended Trump’s travel ban against Muslims while arguing that there is an important difference between “white extremists” and “Muslim terrorists.”

Duffy told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota “there is a difference” between terror acts by white people and those committed by Muslims.

The following is an excerpt from the conversation –

Camerota asked:

Why isn’t the President talking about the white terrorists who mowed down six Muslims praying at their mosque?

Duffy replied:

I don’t know. There’s a difference… You don’t have a group like ISIS or al Qaeda that is inspiring people around the world to take up arms and kill innocents. … That was a one off, Alisyn.

Camerota pressed:

How about Charleston, congressman? How about the shooting at the Charleston church? He was an extremist. He was a white extremist?


Yes, he was. OK?


How about that? That doesn’t matter?


No, it does matter. It does matter. Look at the good things that came from it. Nikki Haley took down the Confederate flag, that was great.

In essence, Duffy is claiming that terror attacks by white (Christians) are less serious than those committed by (brown) Muslims.

Furthermore, suggesting that “good things” came from the Charleston shooting is perverse, and a terrible justification for trying to draw a distinction between acts of terrorism.

Also worth noting is that of all the terrorist attacks that have taken place on U.S. soil in the last forty years, not one was carried out by people from the seven countries included in Trump’s travel ban.

Bottom line: Duffy’s attempt to claim some sort of moral difference between terror attacks committed by brown Muslims and white Christians fails. Ultimately, the skin color or religious superstition of the terrorist makes no difference to the victims and their families.

H/T Huffington Post – Watch the exchange below –
Congressman Patrick Duffy (Image via Screen Grab)
Congressman Patrick Duffy (Image via Screen Grab)


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