North Carolina Conservatives Plan To ‘Start Killing’ Muslims

North Carolina Conservatives Plan To ‘Start Killing’ Muslims February 21, 2017

Conservative activists in North Carolina are under investigation after making death threats against Muslims.

ABC reports the FBI is “looking into reports of death threats made against Muslims during a meeting of conservative activists in North Carolina.”

Local news outlet Triad City Beat reports:

A consortium of tea partiers, patriot groups and other conservative activists gathered in a private dining room at a seafood restaurant in Kernersville on Thursday evening for a presentation on a supposed Muslim plot to conquer the United States.

The 20 or so people who attended the meeting at Captain Tom’s Seafood needed little convincing from presenter Tom Jones, who soldiered through frequent interruptions about supposed Muslim treachery paired with testimonials about preparedness for violent confrontation and even expressions of readiness to kill Muslims.

At one point in the meeting, which was captured on tape, a man declares:

Any recommendations as to how we could stop this? Because my only recommendation is to start killing the hell out them.

Tom Jones, who was leading the meeting, told the conservative activists that the Muslim Brotherhood was involved in a large and well orchestrated conspiracy to destroy America. Jones said the Brotherhood was “operating in America in a very stealthy mode” and had “infiltrated the judiciary.” Jone also claimed that “the progressive left like Obama and Hillary Clinton and that ilk” are working with the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy America.

Jones said:

The Muslim Brotherhood is behind all that terrorism and violent acts, but they’re also here operating in America in a very stealthy mode. They’ve infiltrated the judiciary. They have judges that are elected to the bench. These judges are expected to make rulings from the bench here in America according to sharia law even though it’s not a sharia court. If you’ve got a Muslim judge he’s required to try you under sharia law. These people are in high positions of influence often behind the scenes in government, academia, medicine, the media. How many of you have been to a hospital and seen the doctors that are running around in the hospital?

Jones continued:

These people start Islamic organizations. They build mosques. They build Islamic schools. They work with the progressive left in this country to advance their own agenda. And the progressive left like Obama and Hillary Clinton and that ilk, they’re all tied into this Brotherhood stuff. The Brotherhood helps them and they help the Brotherhood.

After media reports of the meeting, and the call to kill Muslims, began to circulate, the Council on American-Islamic Relations asked federal authorities to investigate.

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Trouble in North Carolina (Image via Screen Grab)
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