Senate Confirms Christian Extremist Carson As Housing Secretary

Senate Confirms Christian Extremist Carson As Housing Secretary March 2, 2017

Ben Carson, a man willing to deny scientific truth to preserve religious superstition, is the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Hill reports:

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Ben Carson to be President Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The final vote was 58-41. Carson needed a simple majority to be approved.

Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Mark Warner (Va.), Heidi Heitkamp(N.D.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Jon Tester (Mont.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Independent Sen. Angus King (Maine) joined all Republicans in backing Carson.

Critics note that Carson is a dangerous religious extremist, and worry that his extremism will likely impede his ability to serve Americans that do not share his Christian faith.

In particular, Carson has made dangerous and inflammatory statements concerning the LGBT community, and has promised that one of his top concerns as HUD Secretary will be the nation’s “spiritual infrastructure.”

In addition, Carson, by his own admission, lacks the relevant experience to lead HUD.


In Carson’s confirmation hearing, Senator Sherrod Brown asked Carson if he would enforce LGBT protections in the public housing sector.

Carson responded by noting that he “would enforce all the laws of the land,” but went on to add that he doesn’t believe LGBT Americans deserve “extra rights.”

Carson said:

What I have said before is I don’t think anyone should get ‘extra rights’

The idea that LGBT people are getting extra rights, is, of course, false. However, the fact that Carson would suggest LGBT people are getting “extra rights” should be alarming.

The Hill notes that Carson’s remarks mirror those from his 2014 CPAC speech:

Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get extra rights. They don’t get to redefine marriage.

Carson’s remarks are instructive. Often religious extremists like Carson identify equal rights for LGBT people as “extra rights.” Such individuals are blinded by their heterosexual privilege, and often believe equality for LGBT people means they are somehow being oppressed.

1 in 3 #trans people experience homelessness. Ben Carson believes trans people are “height of absurdity.” He’s #BadforLGBT and #BadforHUD.

— LGBT Caucus (@LGBTEqCaucus) January 12, 2017

No Experience

Carson’s overt, anti-LGBT bias is but one example indicating that Carson is unqualified to serve. There are many others. In fact, last year Carson said he would turn down a cabinet position in the Trump administration because he lacked government experience, had never run a federal agency, and was simply not qualified to serve in the cabinet.

After reports circulated that Carson had been tapped for the position of either Secretary of Health and Human Services, or Secretary of Education, Carson’s spokesperson told The Hill:

Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.

Obviously Carson has ignored his own counsel, and has now flip-flopped on his qualifications to serve in a cabinet position.

Spiritual Infrastructure?

In a post to his Facebook page late last year, Carson hinted at the news that he would be the new HUD secretary, writing:

Winning the presidential election was only the first step for those who love traditional America and do not wish to fundamentally change it. Now the hard work begins of restoring the values that made us great. We must bring back the compassion and the unity that empowers us and banish the divisiveness that weakens us. After serious discussions with the Trump transition team, I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly to making our inner cities great for everyone. We have much work to do in strengthening every aspect of our nation and ensuring that both our physical infrastructure and our spiritual infrastructure is solid. An announcement is forthcoming about my role in helping to make America great again.

Carson’s concern with the nation’s “spiritual infrastructure” is alarming, given his record as a Christian extremist willing to deny scientific truth in order to satisfy his religious superstitions.

For example, Carson rejects evolution and climate change, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Previously, leading scientist Richard Dawkins referred to Carson as a “disgrace” for denying evolution.

Carson also believes that the pyramids were built by the biblical figure Joseph to store grain.

In the past he has compared abortion to slavery, saying rape victims seeking abortions are “perverted,” while declaring he would “love” to see Roe vs. Wade overturned, and wants all abortion outlawed, even in cases of rape or incest.

And as a GOP presidential candidate in 2016, he said he would use the Department of Education to censor liberal speech on college campuses if elected president.

Bottom line: Carson is a dangerous and deluded religious extremist; as such, he is not qualified to be the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Ben Carson (Image via Flickr)
Ben Carson (Image via Flickr)

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