Bill Nye Receives Death Threats After Mocking Christian Morality

Bill Nye Receives Death Threats After Mocking Christian Morality April 28, 2017

Bill Nye mocks the intolerant views of conservative Christians when it comes to sexuality and all hell breaks loose.

After mocking gay conversion therapy favored by some conservative Christians on his new Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the science educator is facing death threats from angry Christians.

Pink News reports on the violent reaction from some anti-LGBT Christians after watching an animated video from an episode from Nye’s new series, noting:

Several of the comments on the clip included direct death threats aimed at Nye.

The episode in question is entitled the “Sexual Spectrum” and uses ice cream “as part of a hysterical analogy on the intolerant views of Christians when it comes to sexuality.”

In the video, a vanilla ice cream cone (representing a straight Christian man) tries to to convince the rest of the ice cream cones that everyone should be vanilla just like him:

As a vanilla, I feel that I am the most natural of the ice creams; and therefore, the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla. It’s the one true flavor.

Following the analogy, the message from the intolerant vanilla ice cream cone is clear: being gay, or being anything other than a heterosexual, cisgender, Christian, is wrong.

The cartoon is funny, and simple, and makes a good point, with a happy ending. Because in the end, all the different ice cream flavors jump into a bowl together. It is an ice cream orgy, and a good time is had by all. Even Mr. Vanilla enjoys himself in the end.

Not surprising, the sweet and lighthearted ice cream orgy has conservative Christians hot under the collar.

Huffington Post reports on some of the reactions:

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro posted a video to his official Facebook page criticizing Nye’s analogy, noting, “There is no scientific basis for anything that is in this video… Just on a scientific basis, ice cream does not have genitalia.”

PJ Media columnist Megan Fox felt similarly. “The message here is clear (and not at all scientific): Christian, straight white people are bigots, racists and not even straight,” she wrote in a Tuesday column. “Bill Nye offers no proof of that, other than a poorly drawn cartoon about debauched ice cream.”

Bottom line: The truth hurts. The fact that conservative Christians can become so angry over a humorous video depicting “debauched ice cream” only reinforces the notion that their anti-gay Christian morality deserves to be mocked and ridiculed.

Bill Nye Receives Mocks Christian Morality (mage via Wikipedia)
Bill Nye Receives Mocks Christian Morality (mage via Wikipedia)
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