‘Super Christian’ Alabama Governor Resigns In Disgrace

‘Super Christian’ Alabama Governor Resigns In Disgrace April 11, 2017

Family values: Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigns in disgrace after breaking the law while trying to cover up an extramarital affair.

Bentley resigned Monday in order to avoid impeachment over his affair with aide Rebekah Mason, and his subsequent illegal attempts to cover up the extramarital affair.

In addition to resigning, the former Sunday school teacher and church deacon pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor campaign violations that arose during an investigation of his affair with Mason.

Adding insult to injury, Governor Bentley has been expelled from his church where he once held the rank of deacon and bragged about teaching Sunday school to the kids.

In fact, both Bentley and his former top advisor, Rebekah Mason, were expelled from First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa after the release of an audio recording in which Bentley makes sexually explicit comments to Mason.

MSNBC reports that while running for governor in 2010, Bentley repeatedly emphasized his Christian “family values” credentials. The Republican candidate not only ran ads featuring his wife and family, but Bentley also said he believes so strongly in the sanctity of traditional marriage that as far as he’s concerned, when same-sex couples wed, their marriages should be dismissed as “social experiments.”

However, the so-called family values champion was later divorced by his wife after being caught having a long term affair with Mason.

Commenting on Bentley’s Christian hypocrisy, MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow opined:


Governor Bentley ran for this office that he holds on the grounds that he was a family values candidate—a God fearing family man—whose campaign ads featured him talking about the Bible while posing with his wife and all of his grandkids. he ran as a man who so believes in the sanctity of traditional marriage that he would fight same-sex marriage with every fiber of his being. His administration filed a Supreme Court brief that said marriages between same-sex couples should not even be thought of as marriages, they should be seen as social experiments.

In his resignation speech the disgraced ex-governor did not apologize, but instead he cloaked himself in his tattered and dirty mantle of faith. The following are excerpts from that speech:

I’ve always believed the honor of serving as your governor was a calling that God placed on my life…

I have spent the last year in deep and earnest prayer over our state and our people. I pray every morning for wisdom and guidance and forgiveness for the sins that I commit.

This Easter week I’m even more grateful for a loving and merciful savior who will always love me – and you – unconditionally.

Especially I give to thanks to God for such a wonderful gift that he gave me when he allowed me to be the governor of Alabama…

Bottom line: Bentley is another hypocritical religious bigot, an ugly and mean-spirited man who promoted hatred of LGBT people in order to dupe gullible Christians at the ballot box. Alabama is better off without him.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (Image via Screen Grab)
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (Image via Screen Grab)
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