Trophy Hunter Dies After Shot Elephant Falls On Him

Trophy Hunter Dies After Shot Elephant Falls On Him May 21, 2017

A South African trophy hunter is dead after being crushed by an elephant that had been shot on a game reserve in Zimbabwe earlier this weekend.

Theunis Botha, 51, died during a hunt in Gwai, in Zimbabwe, when a member of his group fired at a storming elephant cow and the animal fell on him, according to a report from  News 24.

The Telegraph reports:

Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a hunt with clients when the group accidentally walked into the middle of a breeding herd of elephants at the Good Luck Farm near Hwange National Park late on Friday afternoon, Zimparks spokesman Mr Simukai Nyasha said.

Three of the elephant cows charged the hunters. Mr Botha fired a shot from his rifle but he was caught by surprise by a fourth cow that stormed them from the side…

News 24 reports:

Three elephant cows stormed the hunters and Botha shot at them. A fourth cow stormed them from the side and one of the hunters shot her after she’d lifted Botha with her trunk. The shot was fatal and as the cow collapsed, she fell on Botha.

News 24 also reports Botha was a well-known trophy hunter:

Botha was a well-known hunter in Zimbabwe and often traveled to the US to recruit wealthy Americans for trophy hunting in Southern Africa.

In other words, Botha was a big game trophy hunter who made a living providing canned hunts for wealthy and morally depraved individuals.

The Telegraph reports Botha “frequently led leopard and lion hunting safaris with his pack of dogs.”

Botha was also friends with fellow South African trophy hunter Scott van Zyl, who was killed by crocodiles last month.

Zyl, like Botha, made his living by promoting the cowardly and despicable “sport” of trophy hunting. Both men made their living by charging immoral foreign tourists large sums of money to engage in canned trophy hunts.

In fact, hunters travel to Africa every year to engage in canned hunts and collect “trophies” such as warthogs, elephants, zebras, lions, and even giraffes, with entire tour companies dedicated to the so-called “sport.”

Make no mistake, these canned hunts are for immoral cowards with too much money and too little self-esteem. There is nothing brave or noble about killing exotic animals for sport.

Bottom line: There is no “sport” in trophy hunting. Such activity is a perverse pursuit, and has no place in a civilized society.

Elephant Takes Revenge On Trophy Hunter Theunis Botha (Image via Twitter)
Elephant Takes Revenge On Trophy Hunter Theunis Botha (Image via Twitter)


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