White Supremacist Converts To Islam, Kills Neo-Nazi Roommates For Blasphemy

White Supremacist Converts To Islam, Kills Neo-Nazi Roommates For Blasphemy May 22, 2017

A white supremacist in Florida converts to the religion of peace, and immediately kills his neo-Nazi roommates for blasphemy.

Devon Arthurs, a former neo-Nazi, is under arrest after he converted to Islam and then killed his neo-Nazi roommates because they showed disrespect for his new found faith.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that 18-year-old Devon Arthurs is accused by police of killing two of his roommates, 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk, after they mocked Islam and Arthurs’s decision to become a Muslim.

According to reports, police say Arthurs told them that he shot his roommates “because they ‘disrespected’ his Muslim faith.”

About the crime, police report:

Arthurs claimed that he and his roommates shared a common neo-Nazi belief, until Arthurs recently converted to Islam. He said his roommates disrespected his Muslim faith.

He also said he had become angered by what he described as the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment and wanted to bring attention to his cause.

After killing his roommates the former white supremacist and newly minted Muslim  took hostages at a nearby smoke shop before being apprehended by police. The Tampa Bay Times reports

Arthurs entered the smoke shop at 15325 Amberly Drive about 5:30 p.m. and pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his waistband.

“Do me a favor and get the f— on the ground!” he yelled to a female employee and male customer, the report states. Arthurs asked the customer, “Why shouldn’t I kill you?”

A few minutes later, another customer entered the store and Arthurs ordered him to get on the ground. He told all three people in the store that he had already killed someone.

“He further informed all three victims that he was upset due to America bombing his Muslim countries,” according to the report, by police Detective Kenneth Nightlinger.

Arthurs is currently facing “two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of armed kidnapping.”

As if Arthurs’s story was not bizarre enough already, a third roommate, who found the two roommates Arthurs had killed, is also under arrest after neo-Nazi propaganda and explosives were found inside the apartment’s first-floor garage.

Brandon Russell — “a Florida National Guardsman and admitted neo-Nazi who kept a framed photo of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on his dresser” – is now under arrest after agents say they found bomb-making materials in his garage.

An FBI affidavit says that Russell admitted to being a National Socialist and member of a splinter group called the “Atom Waffen.”

Bottom line: WTF.

Former White Supremacist Devon Arthurs (image via Tampa Police)
Former White Supremacist Devon Arthurs (image via Tampa Police)
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