Christian Extremist Josh Duggar Says He Is The Victim

Christian Extremist Josh Duggar Says He Is The Victim June 7, 2017

Child molester and Christian extremist Josh Duggar says he is the victim, and is suing the parties responsible for releasing information about his child molestation case.

TMZ reports:

Duggar filed documents to join the lawsuit Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy filed last month. In his docs, Josh says cops assured him his 2006 interview discussing the molestation of his sisters would remain private. He says since he wasn’t charged, the information wouldn’t have gone public … if the reports weren’t released to In Touch magazine.

Duggar says once the story came out, it caused him mental anguish and humiliation. He played up the sympathy card in the docs, saying he was “victimized and forced to relieve the painful and difficult circumstances of a traumatic experience as a juvenile.”

TMZ continues:

Josh wants damages from Springdale, Arkansas police, city and county prosecutors and the In Touch publishers.

TLC cancelled the popular Duggar show “19 Kids and Counting,” after it was revealed that Josh Duggar sexually assaulted four of his underage sisters plus an additional underage female victim.

Compounding and contributing to the crime, a “conspiracy to “forgive and forget” forged by the Duggar parents and church leaders allowed Josh Duggar to escape criminal prosecution for sexually assaulting his underage victims.

Previously, while speaking with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar denied their son Josh was a pedophile and blamed the media for targeting the family in an anti-Christian conspiracy.

Last year Duggar spent several months at Reformers Unanimous located in Illinois, “a Christian rehabilitation center.” The facility is not a medical institution, and it is instead a faith-based scam that preys on gullible conservative Christians like the Duggars. It is doubtful that Josh received any meaningful treatment there.

However, before entering the faux rehab Duggar admitted to living a “double life” in a statement confirming his involvement with Ashley Madison, the infamous website for individuals interested in arranging extramarital affairs.

In that statement Duggar confessed to his hypocrisy and his betrayal:

I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.

After Josh exited the Christian rehab, reports surfaced that Duggar would not apologize to his sisters for sexually abusing them, because the Devil made him do it:

… one thing you probably won’t hear is that he’s actually sorry, as he believes that external forces were to blame for his behavior.

Previously Duggar confessed to police that he “forcibly fondled and sexually assaulted at least five underage girls, including four of his sisters, on multiple occasions, over the span of several years, while he was a teenager.”

However, despite his heinous crime, and his confession, Duggar was never prosecuted, and was instead “disciplined” by church authorities, including his father.

Bottom line: Child molester and Christian extremist Josh Duggar sexually molested his underage sisters, cheated on his wife, and traumatized a porn star he paid for sex, yet he is the victim, because Jesus.  

Child molester and Christian extremist Josh Duggar (Image via Screen Grab)
Child molester and Christian extremist Josh Duggar (Image via Screen Grab)
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