Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure

Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure June 13, 2017

Sad monkey: A bitter Ken Ham blames atheists and the secular media for the perceived financial failure of his Ark Park.

In a recent blog post to his Answers in Genesis website, leading creationist Ken Ham laments the supposed power of atheists and the “secularist media,” complaining that they are damaging the reputation of his Ark Encounter, and the economy of the surrounding local businesses, writing:

Recently, a number of articles in the mainstream media, on blogs, and on well-known secularist group websites have attempted to spread propaganda to brainwash the public into thinking our Ark Encounter attraction is a dismal failure.

Sadly, they (atheists and the secular media) are influencing business investors and others in such a negative way that they may prevent Grant County, Kentucky, from achieving the economic recovery that its officials and residents have been seeking.

In other words, Ken Ham blames atheists for his trouble. Ham is refusing to take responsibility for his own failure, and refusing to take responsibility for his broken promises to the citizens and business community of Grant County, Kentucky.

Ham is desperate to counter the narrative that his Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are not delivering on the promises he made. He is particularly upset with a recent article from The Lexington Herald Leader that explores Ham’s failure to deliver on financial promises made to community members and local businesses.

Commenting on the agreements the Ark Encounter made with the county and city, and the broken promises made by Ham and his people after being given extremely generous tax breaks, Grant County Judge-Executive Steve Wood opined:

It’s a really bad deal for taxpayers. It was a shock for me because I didn’t really know all the details. Maybe I should have.

According to The Lexington Herald Leader report, Wood is not alone in his disappointment with Ken Ham and his Ark Park boondoggle. Williamstown Mayor Rick Skinner complains about Ham’s broken promises, noting:

There hasn’t been any commercial development here.

However, ignoring the criticism from local business people, Ham is sticking to his story that the Ark Park’s failure to produce the financial gains he promised is not his fault, but the fault of “intolerant secularists.” Ham writes:

… we are in a spiritual battle, and the intolerant secularists are so upset with such world-class attraction like the Ark (and Creation Museum) that publicly proclaim a Christian message. They will resort to whatever tactics they deem necessary to try to malign the attractions.

Bottom line: Ham is a sad monkey. His Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are not performing as well as he had hoped they would, and now he is refusing to take responsibility for his own failure, and instead blaming atheists and the secular media.

“When you point your finger ‘cause your plan fell through, you got three more fingers pointing back at you.” – Dire Straits

(H/T Friendly Atheist)

Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure (Image via YouTube)
Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure (Image via YouTube)
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