North Carolina Baptist Church Claims Equal Rights Are Satanic

North Carolina Baptist Church Claims Equal Rights Are Satanic June 9, 2017

Surprise: Satan is the hero after all! A North Carolina Baptist church is under fire after posting a sign equating equal rights with Satanism.

The Fellowship Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina, is apologizing after posting a sign suggesting that equal rights are Satanic.

Earlier last week the church posted the following to its sign:

Remember Satan Was the First to Demand Equal Rights

It is not clear if the church opposes equal rights for women, for people of color, or for members of the LGBT community, or for all of the above.

However, the sign offended “a variety of groups who interpreted it as a slam of civil rights for blacks and/or gays,” according to a report posted by The Charlotte Observer.

The report also notes:

The sign was posted at time when equal rights for lesbian, gay and transgender people has divided the North Carolina and resulted in anti-gay rights laws such as House Bill 2.

In an attempt at damage control, the church posted a statement on its official Facebook page Tuesday evening:

The church sign that was in the news was NOT meant to offend ANY people, group or compare ANYONE TO satan. That is not what we teach and preach!

It was speaking about our adversary the devil who did want to be God. We pray that the LORD would bless any who were offended!

As one might expect, the apology rings hollow.

One group that was not offended by the sign: The Satanic Temple. In a tweet commenting on the story, the group said:

The Baptists make a valid point here, actually.

The Fellowship Baptist Church is not the first church to suggest equal rights are somehow satanic. Previously the Knoxville Baptist Tabernacle Church in Tennessee faced severe criticism after linking the struggle for equal rights to Satan.

At the time community members expressed outrage after photos of the marquee outside the church were circulated online. The sign read:

Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights.

Sound familiar?

Bottom line: Christians in general, and baptists in particular, have a long and well documented history of denying equal rights to anyone who is not a straight, white, Christian male.

As for Satan, if he was the first to demand equal rights, than he is the true hero of the story.

North Carolina Baptist Church Claims Equal Rights Are Satanic (Image via Screen Grab)
North Carolina Baptist Church Claims Equal Rights Are Satanic (Image via Screen Grab)


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