Conservative Christians Attack 12-Year-Old Rape Victim For Seeking Abortion

Conservative Christians Attack 12-Year-Old Rape Victim For Seeking Abortion July 21, 2017

In a vile campaign against a minor, conservative Christians in Alabama attack a young rape victim because she is choosing an abortion.

Lawyers representing anti-abortion, forced-birth, conservative Christians, are calling a 12-year-old rape victim “a murderer” for choosing to have an abortion after an Alabama court ruled that the girl, who was raped by an adult relative, could have an abortion without parental consent.

The two conservative Christian lawyers held a press conference this week to denounce the court’s ruling while publicly harassing and abusing the 12-year-old rape victim.

The attorneys – Win Johnson, a former legal director under controversial Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore; and Lorie Mullins, the executive director of COPE Pregnancy Center in Montgomery, a faux clinic that provides Christian “counseling” but not abortions – made the absurd argument that the girl was not mature enough to choose an abortion, but that she was mature enough to go through nine months of pregnancy, the trial and pain of birth, and parenthood. reports on the press conference:

He (Johnson) said it’s stunning that courts would issue an opinion saying that a 12-year-old “was mature enough — and I’m going to put this in its starkest terms — to decide to murder her own child in her womb.

“Now, nobody has said that to her, I bet you, in any of her counseling,” Johnson said. “Nobody has explained that to her in its starkest, rawest form, like that. But what if it was, what if she really thought through it, even as a 12-year-old and said, ‘Gosh, I don’t want that on my conscience.’

For the record, a fetus is not a person, and abortion is not murder. To suggest that a 12-year-old rape victim is a murderer for choosing an abortion is a deplorable and despicable claim.

At the press conference Mullins said:

She has been victimized her entire life. And now she’s being put in the position of being the perpetrator of this newest violence, because that’s what’s going to happen. Whether she grasps it now, there’s a point in her life where she is going to understand what she has done and how it is going to impact. The depression, the substance abuse that happens so often, the problems with future relationships.

Mullins is right, the girl has been victimized her entire life; and by attacking her in public, Mullins and her colleague Johnson are only further victimizing the young girl.

In short, both Mullins and Johnson are deplorable and despicable human beings, willing to attack and abuse a 12-year-old girl in order to promote their forced-birth, anti-abortion, conservative Christian agenda.

WSFA reports more details on the young girl’s tragic life:

The girl, whose name and home county have not been released, was impregnated by a relative who is now charged with statutory rape. Court documents indicate she and her siblings have been removed by DHR from her mother’s home on five occasions. She was removed from the home most recently because her mother reacted violently. She does not know her father.

Bottom line: Anyone who would force a 12-year-old child to carry the child of her rapist is the most vile of human beings. To harass and demean the girl for exercising her right to self-determination is beyond despicable, but some will call it “Christian love.”

Watch the press conference below – 

Conservative Christians Attack 12-Year-Old Rape Victim For Seeking Abortion (Image via Screen Grab)
Conservative Christians Attack 12-Year-Old Rape Victim For Seeking Abortion (Image via Screen Grab)
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