Report: Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People

Report: Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People July 7, 2017

Remember, every chicken sandwich you buy from Chick-fil-A helps support anti-gay Christian hate groups.

A new report from ThinkProgress indicates that Chick-fil-A, a southern-style chicken sandwich franchise and a self-identified Christian company, continues to support anti-gay groups despite making a pledge several years ago claiming that it had “ceased donating to organizations that promote discrimination, specifically against LGBT civil rights.”

ThinkProgress reports:

Chick-fil-A Foundation’s most recent IRS filings show it gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBTQ organizations in 2015. Though its website’s FAQ claims the foundation “is focused on helping every child become all they were created to be,” its donations went to groups that do not believe this includes LGBTQ youth.

The report goes on to give several examples of various anti-gay Christian groups that are currently receiving more than a million dollars annually from the chicken franchise with a love for jesus.

In particular, “the Chick-fil-A Foundation gave more than $1 million in 2015 (nearly one-sixth of its total grants) to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” a religious organization which “imparts a strongly anti-LGBTQ message.”

In addition, the foundation also gave more than $200,000 to the Paul Anderson Youth Home, a Georgia-based “transformative organization” that operates an anti-gay “Christian residential home for troubled youth” and uses propaganda associated with harmful and discredited “ex-gay” therapy.

Also on the list, “the Chick-fil-A Foundation gave at least $130,000 to the Salvation Army. The religious organization has a long history of anti-LGBTQhousing discrimination, opposition to same-sex marriage equality, and supporting exemptions from non-discrimination ordinances”.

Indeed, Chick-fil-A has a long and well documented history of promoting discrimination against members of the gay and lesbian community. In the past Chick-fil-A donated considerable resources to anti-gay causes, including Christian extremist organizations labeled as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

And in the past Chick-fil-A has supported multiple anti-gay Christian extremist organizations, including the Focus on the Family Institute, the American Family Association, the National Organization for Marriage, the Pennsylvania Family Institute, Exodus International and the Family Research Council. These groups are some of the most vehement and vicious anti-gay groups in the country.

Bottom line: The Christian fast food restaurant whose corporate purpose is to “glorify God,” continues to support anti-gay groups and organizations.

Report: Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People
Report: Chick-fil-A Still Hates Gay People

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