Self-Defense: Elephant Kills Trophy Hunter In Namibia

Self-Defense: Elephant Kills Trophy Hunter In Namibia August 14, 2017

Trophy hunter trampled: An elephant tramples and kills an Argentine trophy hunter in Namibia.

Report via ABC:

The Namibia Press Agency said the hunter, identified as 46-year-old Jose Monzalvez, was killed on Saturday afternoon in a private wildlife area 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of the small town of Kalkfeld.

The agency said Monzalvez, who worked for an oil company, was with another Argentine and three Namibians when he was killed. It says one of the elephants charged before the group was able to find a spot to aim and shoot.

The report says Monzalvez had a hunting permit with him…

Monzalvez died participating in the cowardly and despicable “sport” of trophy hunting. He was a foreign tourist paying a large sum of money to engage in a canned trophy hunt. And he lost.

Cowardly and morally deficient trophy hunters like Monzalvez travel to Africa every year to engage in canned hunts and collect “trophies” such as warthogs, elephants, zebras, lions, and even giraffes, with entire tour companies dedicated to the so-called “sport.”

Earlier this year South African trophy hunter Theunis Botha was killed after being crushed by an elephant that had been shot on a game reserve in Zimbabwe. Botha died during a hunt when a member of his group fired at a storming elephant cow and the animal fell on him.

Those who would defend the immoral act of trophy hunting claim that it is a necessary evil, and that the trophy hunters, by paying large fees to guides and governments for the perverse pleasure of killing an animal for sport, are somehow helping conservation efforts. This is false.

Research shows that it is a myth that trophy hunting supports wildlife conservation. The fact is, trophy hunting does not help conservation efforts, although those who defend the cowardly sport often make claims to the contrary.  

Make no mistake, these canned hunts are for immoral cowards with too much money and too little self-esteem. There is nothing brave or noble about killing exotic animals for sport. In fact, there is no “sport” in trophy hunting. Such activity is a perverse pursuit, and has no place in a civilized society.

Bottom line: This time, the elephant won.

Elephant Kills Trophy Hunter In Namibia (Image via Wikimedia)
Elephant Kills Trophy Hunter In Namibia (Image via Wikimedia)
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