Alex Jones: NFL Players Are “Kneeling To White Genocide”

Alex Jones: NFL Players Are “Kneeling To White Genocide” September 27, 2017

White genocide? Alex Jones promotes white supremacy while bashing NFL players who protest racial inequality and police brutality.

Alex Jones, conservative Christian radio host and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, is not happy about the recent protests by NFL players during the national anthem.

Since 2016, professional athletes have been protesting racial inequality and police brutality during the playing of the United States’ national anthem.

Jones expressed his deep displeasure with the protests while speaking with white supremacist and Donald trump supporter Jack Prosobiec on the September 26 edition of “The Alex Jones Show.”

Transcript via Media Matters:

ALEX JONES (HOST): You’re supposed to get on your knees at midnight or in the early morning and tell God you repent on things you’ve done. You don’t tell in a football stadium, “Mainstream media: you’re my God, I am bad, tell me what to do.” That is sick.

JACK POSOBIEC: And you realize they’re not taking a knee to Trump, so I’d love to talk to any one of these guys and say, “Who are you taking a knee to? Who specifically do you have in mind when you’re taking that knee?”

JONES: They’re kneeling to political correctness and hating white people.

POSOBIEC: That’s all it is.

JONES: They’re kneeling to white genocide —

POSOBIEC: And they won’t admit it.

JONES: — and then I don’t want anybody to be genocided (sic). But everywhere it’s: “Kill the whites, kill the whites.” The universities: “No whites can come on campus.” It’s a bunch of weird white people going, “We need to kill all the white people.” Just everywhere. Hillary: “We lost because of white people.” It’s the most racist, weird, anti-Martin Luther King crap I’ve ever heard. Martin Luther King would say, “You people are crazy.”

The good news: Jones doesn’t want anybody to be “genocided.” The bad news: Jones is an idiot.

Indeed, Jones is well known for being a leading voice in thin foil hat movement, and counts President Donald Trump as one of his most loyal fans.


Last month Jones claimed KKK demonstrators were really Jewish actors, claiming those “KKK guys” are “literally” Jewish actors, like the “cast of Seinfeld or like Howard Stern in a Nazi outfit.”

And during the election, Jones made headlines after claiming Hillary Clinton is “literally a demon from Hell that wants to destroy the planet.”

Bottom line: Jones is a clown; yet despite his laughable claims and ridiculous hyperbole, Trump takes this charlatan seriously, as do millions of other Americans.

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Alex Jones Claims NFL Players Are “Kneeling To White Genocide” (Image via Screen Grab)
Alex Jones Claims NFL Players Are “Kneeling To White Genocide” (Image via Screen Grab)

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