Oklahoma Pastor Busted Running White Supremacist Prostitution Ring

Oklahoma Pastor Busted Running White Supremacist Prostitution Ring December 5, 2017

“Aryan Pride” for Jesus: An Oklahoma pastor is under arrest after being caught running a prostitution ring with a white supremacist.

Pastor Walter Eugene Brazington Jr. is “being charged with procuring for prostitution and possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony,” according to a report from Tulsa World.

The Oklahoma pastor was caught running a massage parlor that  was being used as a front for a prostitution ring. His partner in crime was white supremacist Tiffany Roach, an HIV positive prostitute who calls herself “Aryan Woman” and professes to have “Whitegirl Pride.

Brazington is listed as an apostle and prophet for the All Nations Evangelistic Team, a preaching group based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The felony charges are a result of a sting operation by Oklahoma police. Skeptic Review reports:

Acting on a tip of unusual activity at a strip mall in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, police began monitoring a business that only had a neon “open” sign in the window and an unusual amount of activity noted by neighboring businesses.

The investigation started in September when investigators identified classified ads with women offering massages. A phone number connected to the ads was linked to All Nations Evangelistic Team.

Tulsa World reports:

Police conducted an undercover operation at the massage parlor and eventually arrested Brazington as its operator. Tiffany Ann Roach, 40, who worked at the establishment, also was arrested.

Police say Roach told investigators that she has human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV.

Raw Story reports:

During the raid, Brazington reportedly interviewed an undercover officer and told them he “was not a pimp” and “treats the girls like staff.”

Brazington, who lead All Nations Evangelistic Team, posted bail, while Roach remains in jail on a $6,000 bond.

Prosecutors are charging Roach with exposing others to an infectious disease.

The All Nations Evangelistic Team website explains how Brazington was called to preach after he supposedly went to heaven while suffering a heart attack:

While in heaven on December 25th, 2008, after having a massive heart attack, the Lord directed me to preach on the second coming of Christ. The Lord said that He wants the church to repent of its lukewarm state, repent of sin, repent of dead works, and to re-enter the harvest (2nd Chronicles 7:14 KJV). Although more than anything else, Jesus loves his church. He is not angry with us. He eagerly awaits our homecoming. Heaven’s beauty is beyond belief. I love to share what I saw in heaven, the love of Christ, and what he told me about the last days.

One wonders if Jesus also instructed Brazington to open up a massage parlor and use it as a front to run a prostitution ring with an HIV infected white supremacist.

And so it goes.

Oklahoma Pastor Walt Brazington Busted Running White Supremacist Prostitution Ring (Image via Screen Grab)
Oklahoma Pastor Walt Brazington Busted Running White Supremacist Prostitution Ring (Image via Screen Grab)
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