Tony Perkins Tells Evangelicals Don’t Be Ashamed For Supporting Trump

Tony Perkins Tells Evangelicals Don’t Be Ashamed For Supporting Trump March 15, 2018

Hypocrisy and shame: Conservative Christian leader Tony Perkins claims liberals are trying to shame evangelicals for supporting Trump.

Evangelical leader Tony Perkins claims “the left” is trying to “silence” and “shame evangelicals for their political participation” and their support of Donald Trump.

Perkins, the president of the anti-gay, conservative Christian hate group Family Research Council, used time on his radio program to respond to a cover story in The Atlantic written by former President George W. Bush speechwriter and evangelical columnist Michael Gerson that is critical of evangelical leaders for their support of Trump.

Right Wing Watch explains:

Perkins wanted to address a long-form essay by columnist Michael Gerson that mentioned Perkins’ “mulligan” remarks about Trump’s alleged affair and noted that one could “only imagine the explosion of outrage if President Barack Obama had been credibly accused of similar offenses.” Perkins and his counterparts, indeed, spent much of the past administration questioning Obama’s Christianity and moral character.

On his radio program Perkins complained:

The intensity of this is growing and this is an effort to shame evangelicals for their political participation. And since I’ve spent the last 25 years, since I left the law enforcement realm and entered into the political realm both in activism and in public office, is to bring Christians to an understanding of what our role is, and our role is to be salt in the light. Now, first and foremost, that is to take the gospel to people—living it out.

Perkins continued:

Folks, you have no reason to be ashamed of supporting this president. He has kept his promises, and as long as he continues to keep those promises and he continues to conduct himself in a way that is in keeping with the office…

We’re not making any excuses for what he has done, but what he’s doing right now is keeping his promises, so nothing has changed. And the left is going to continually roll out people to shame evangelicals to try to get you to stay home, to retreat from society and not be involved politically.

Perkins is wrong. Evangelicals are not being shamed for their “political participation.” Evangelicals are being shamed for supporting an immoral monster that even their own woefully inadequate and often misguided moral code finds reprehensible.

Indeed, evangelicals should be ashamed of supporting Trump. The glaring moral hypocrisy, the abandonment of principles for the promise of fleeting political power, the unwavering support for a demonstrable moral monster, are all profoundly shameful.

Bottom line: Trying to place the blame on liberals does not change the fact that if evangelicals had a functioning moral conscience, they would feel deep and profound shame for supporting Trump.

Tony Perkins Tells Evangelicals Don’t Be Ashamed For Supporting Trump (Image via Screen Grab)
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