Congressman Jeff Duncan: God’s ‘Intelligent Design’ Justifies Drilling

Congressman Jeff Duncan: God’s ‘Intelligent Design’ Justifies Drilling April 11, 2018

Drilling for Jesus: South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan declares he’s “a Christian” and says “God gave us the ability” to exploit the environment.

Drilling for oil and destroying the environment is part of God’s “intelligent design” according to U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan.

Speaking at Lander University late last month Duncan declared:

I’m a Christian, I believe in intelligent design and I also understand that when we’re talking about oil or fossil fuels in general. God gave us the ability to discover there are resources known as fossil fuels inside the Earth that we can extract.

Discussing his disappointment concerning the failure of nuclear power in the state, Duncan, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said:

I believe in nuclear power. How are we, as a nation, going to attract investors to put up the money to build future reactors knowing that seven or eight years in, something like this could happen, and the rug gets pulled out from under them. Fifty percent of the nation’s new nuclear reactor capability was happening in South Carolina and all of the sudden that was stopped.

Duncan continued:

As South Carolinians, we were planning to meet our future electrical needs to run the engines of our economy based on nuclear power generation. That’s no longer in the mix so going forward, how are we going to meet those needs without that generation online. We’re going to have to replace that with something, and I believe what the state will do is look to natural-gas fired generators.

The dubious field of “Intelligent design” also known as “creationism” or “creation science,” is composed of ridiculous and discredited Biblical claims such as the earth is only 6,000-years-old, that human beings and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time, and that the story of Noah’s Ark is true.

In short, Intelligent Design is a feeble attempt to protect Christian dogma and deny the scientific truth of Evolution – the single, unifying scientific explanation for the diversity of life on earth, and the foundation upon which the biological sciences are built.

Duncan also claims that he is not a “climate denier,” arguing that “global temperatures have changed over time, but that human beings are not directly responsible for the changes” according to a report filed by The State.

Bottom line: South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, denies science, embraces religious superstition in the guise of “intelligent design,” believes that drilling for oil and destroying the environment is all part of God’s plan, because Jesus.

Congressman Jeff Duncan: God’s ‘Intelligent Design’ Justifies Drilling (Image via Gage Skidmore)
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