Franklin Graham Thanks Mike Pompeo For Hating Gay People

Franklin Graham Thanks Mike Pompeo For Hating Gay People April 17, 2018

They call it Christian love: Leading evangelist Franklin Graham thanks Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo for hating gay people.

Angry about some pointed questions directed at Pompeo during his confirmation hearing, Graham praised Pompeo for refusing to acknowledge that gays deserve basic human rights like marriage equality.

Graham used his social media platform to attack Senator Cory Booker for asking the pointed questions about Pompeo’s record of anti-gay hatred and bigotry, while also praising Pompeo for defending “traditional marriage”:

So does holding a traditional view of marriage now make you inappropriate for public office in the eyes of some? That’s incredibly wrong—and it’s dangerous for the future of this nation. Senator Cory Booker, a progressive who grilled Mike Pompeo on this topic in a Senate confirmation hearing last week, is implying that you can’t have this belief and be an appointee. In other words, Senator Booker is basically saying you have to believe like him or you can’t serve in the federal government. Government thought control is scary and oppressive. To be eligible for government service, does a person have to pretend they believe all politically correct positions and hide their honest beliefs? It should not be. Thank you Mike Pompeo for your boldness in standing firm on your personal convictions about same-sex marriage. We need to pray for revival in America and stay involved in our government. We can be thankful that 2 Timothy 2:9 says God’s Word cannot be chained.

To answer Graham’s question: Yes, “holding a traditional view of marriage” does make you “inappropriate for public office,” when a “traditional view of marriage” means the desire to withhold basic human rights from gays and lesbians.

For the record, it is now well established that CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Trump’s nominee to be the next Secretary of State, is a dangerous Christian extremist who has in the past expressed hatred and bigotry towards gays, Muslims, and others found wanting by conservative Christians like Franklin Graham.

It’s also worth noting that while Graham praises Pompeo for promoting hatred against gays in the guise of supporting “traditional marriage,” the evangelical leader has no problem with supporting Donald Trump, a man who has had 5 children by 3 different wives and has also had numerous extramarital sexual affair, including one with a porn star that reminded him of his oldest daughter immediately after the birth of his youngest son. 

Bottom line: In defense of so-called “traditional marriage,” Franklin Graham defends Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo’s right to hate gay people; but don’t worry, conservative Christians call that hatred “Christian love.”  

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