Facebook Evangelist Claims Second Amendment Is ‘In The Bible’

Facebook Evangelist Claims Second Amendment Is ‘In The Bible’ May 21, 2018

Ammosexuals for Jesus: Facebook evangelist Josh Feuerstein says “the Second Amendment’s actually in the Bible.”

In an idiotic rant, Facebook’s favorite evangelist Josh Feuerstein explains that God really wants Christians to have guns so they can fill the bad guys with “freedom seeds.”

In his deranged rant Feuerstein declares:

… if some bad guy tries to do something, he’s gonna get filled full of a bunch of .45 caliber freedom seeds.

Now, for all of you people that are telling me, “Josh, I thought you were a Christian! Why are you condoning violence? I mean, why are you carrying a gun? How can you be pro-Second Amendment?”

Well, let me tell you, the Second Amendment’s actually in the Bible. Yeah. Think about it. Even God understood that He had to give His angels weapons because you don’t defeat evil with tolerance and understanding. So for all of you people that are saying we need peace, well peace only prevails when the good guy has the bigger weapons.

You’ve never seen a bully back down from some little scrawny kid that was defenseless, no. He pushes him around and takes his lunch money. But when you got a bigger guy, well, that bully leaves him alone. So what’s… seriously, guys. It’s time that we put veterans that are armed inside of schools to protect our children. Enough with gun control and gun free zones. We need more veterans in more schools protecting our children.

Feuerstein, the Facebook evangelist who once called on Christians to assassinate abortion providers, and asked his followers to boycott McDonald’s because a few of the fast food restaurants decided to add rainbow stripes to their french fry boxes to honor LGBT pride, has a history of uploading bizarre, pro-gun, pro-violence videos to his popular Facebook page.

Previously the Facebook evangelist urged Christians to take up arms so they could protect the police from “a godless and a disgusting generation.”

In addition, Feuerstein once issued a horrifying call to arms via Facebook, asking Christians to join him in fighting gay rights with guns. In a video rant Feuerstein can be seen brandishing a semiautomatic assault rifle and calling on his followers to fight for their supposed right to discriminate against LGBT people by invoking their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Last year he led a social media campaign demanding that a Christian cross emoji be added to the list of possible Facebook reactions. That demand was denied.

However, Feuerstein is probably most famous for a viral Facebook post claiming that Starbucks removed Christmas from their cups “because they hate Jesus.”

Bottom line: Feuerstein is ignorant and confused. The Second Amendment is not in the Bible. Perhaps more important, Feuerstein’s consistent and obnoxious call for gun violence is not only an example of dangerous extremism, it ultimately mocks and belittles his Christian faith, and reflects the paradox of the perverse Christian ammosexual.

Facebook Evangelist Feuerstein Claims Second Amendment Is ‘In The Bible’ (Image via Facebook)

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