NRA Claims Financial Crisis, Twitter Sends ‘Thoughts And Prayers’

NRA Claims Financial Crisis, Twitter Sends ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ August 5, 2018

Twitter sends “thoughts and prayers” to mock the NRA after America’s premier terrorist organization claims to be experiencing a financial crisis.

A new report from Rolling Stone explains:

The National Rifle Association warns that it is in grave financial jeopardy, according to a recent court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, and that it could soon “be unable to exist… or pursue its advocacy mission.”

The good people on Twitter rejoiced at the news that the NRA could soon “be unable to exist… or pursue its advocacy mission,” with many people mocking the terrorist organization by sending “thoughts and prayers.”

For example:

Let’s be clear: The NRA should be mocked, they are a deadly and powerful terrorist organization with blood on its hands.

Death and Taxes reports on the carnage:

1.4 million Americans have died from gunfire since 1968, more than in all of the country’s wars through history combined. No other group — not ISIS, not Al Qaeda, not foreign governments — has been more successful at killing Americans than the NRA.


It is impossible to determine the exact number of deaths that can be directly attributed to the NRA’s efforts, because for 20 years, it has successfully fought to prevent any public health studies at the federal level into gun violence.

Market Watch reports that contrary to public opinion, the NRA does not speak for all gun owners; in fact, only a small, deranged minority of gun owners are actually NRA members:

Only a tiny percentage of Americans are members of the NRA. The association’s annual membership fee is $40. Last year its membership dues came to $160 million. So that’s 4 million members. Out of an estimated 55 million gun owners.

Yet despite the relatively small numbers, the NRA has terrorized politicians and civilians alike for decades.

As a nation we live with and tolerate a culture of gun violence. All the while any proposal to enact sensible reform to curb gun violence is squashed by the the NRA. Indeed, the NRA intimidates and bullies politicians and others,  while spreading deception and misinformation to the general public. They are the equivalent of the 20th century tobacco lobby, merchants of death, terrorists claiming their product is safe while countless Americans die.

Bottom line: The NRA should be mocked. Indeed, the NRA and its supporters should be ridiculed and shunned. In fact, the NRA needs to be stopped before more Americans die because of the irrational and dangerous policy goals of America’s premier terrorist organization.

NRA Claims Financial Crisis, Twitter Sends ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ (Image via Twitter)
NRA Claims Financial Crisis, Twitter Sends ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ (Image via Twitter)
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