Evangelicals Pressure Trump To Name Michele Bachmann Next United Nations Ambassador

Evangelicals Pressure Trump To Name Michele Bachmann Next United Nations Ambassador October 19, 2018

Evangelical leaders are pushing President Trump to name former congresswoman and Christian extremist Michelle Bachmann next ambassador to the United Nations.

According to media reports evangelicals have been quietly pushing Trump to name Bachmann ambassador to the U.N. ever since  Nikki Haley abruptly announced her resignation from the post after several ethics complaints were lodged against her.

For example, Christian hate group leader Tony Perkins, speaking on the Truth & Liberty Coalition webcast with debunked Christian “historian” David Barton, shared his support for Bachmann as the next ambassador to the U.N.:

I actually was with Nikki Haley and interviewed before her announcement that she was going to be stepping down. She did a great job, I was impressed with what she did. I actually think that Michele Bachmann would make a great replacement for her at the United Nations. Michele, a former Congresswoman from Minnesota, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, ran for president. And is actually at the United Nations now, kind of leading a prayer ministry there. She’s tough, she’s intelligent. I think she would be a good choice for the president and I’ve kind of floated her name a little bit.

On Twitter, Rep. Steve King, a conservative Christian and Republican congressman from Iowa, also called for Bachmann to replace Haley at the U.N.:

Ambassador Niki Haley did a great job as U.S Ambassador to the UN. @RealDonaldTrump would do very well to appoint the Bold & Brilliant @MicheleBachmann as Niki’s successor.

In addition, Jan Markell, a leading conservative Christian and Bachman confidant and ally, said she thinks Bachmann would take the position. Previously Markell joined other conservative Christians in suggesting that Trump select Bachmann as the next ambassador to the U.N.:

I think one potential person is my good friend Michele Bachmann, who is already operating out of the United Nations as sort of a Christian ambassador to the United Nations. She has the same sentiment, the same politics, the same passion for Israel [as Haley], and the same desire to see the United Nations make a turnaround.

As both Perkis and Markell allude to, last year Bachmann was named “Pastor to the United Nations.”   

Discussing her “ministry” to the U.N. last year, Bachmann claimed that “the return of Jesus Christ is imminent,” and noted that “the clock is striking 11:59 on God’s time clock and as history is culminating in as read in Revelation.”

Bachmann explained the supposed importance of her new mission:

I believe that God is starting a new thing, and because the time is short before Christ comes again to this earth, He is giving everyone one more chance.

There was an attempt in the book of Genesis for all of the nations to come together and to raise a fist against God in pride and arrogance. It was called the Tower of Babel, and God dispersed the people at the Tower of Babel. Never again did all the nations of the earth come together until the League of Nations, under President Woodrow Wilson. That broke up, it didn’t work and then we have World War II and the U.N. was started and it’s been an organization that has had a lot of negative repercussions because it is not under a holy authority of a mighty God and there’s been vain imaginations of a fist again against an almighty God.

Previously, Michele Bachmann served as part of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, providing “support” to Trump on “issues important to Evangelicals and other people of faith in America.”

Bachmann is a controversial figure, and a dangerous Christian extremist. In the past Bachmann has:

  • argued that immigrants should be indoctrinated into “America’s predominant Christian religion;”
  • attributed the United States’ success to the Ten Commandments while claiming that U.S. lawmakers stand “under the authority” of the ancient biblical figure Moses;
  • claimed that gays promote child rape, and pedophilia;
  • claimed that God uses terrorist attacks to humiliate President Barack Obama.

Bottom line: Michele Bachmann is a dangerous and deranged Christian extremist, and evangelicals are pressuring Trump to name her the next ambassador to the United Nations.

Evangelicals Pressure Trump To Name Michele Bachmann Next United Nations Ambassador (Image via Screen Grab)
Evangelicals Pressure Trump To Name Michele Bachmann Next United Nations Ambassador (Image via Screen Grab)

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