Virginia Senator Amanda Chase Claims Only ‘Naive And Unprepared’ Women Get Raped

Virginia Senator Amanda Chase Claims Only ‘Naive And Unprepared’ Women Get Raped July 12, 2019

Victim blaming: Virginia Senator Amanda Chase blames women for being raped, claiming only “naive and unprepared” women are raped.

Senator Chase made her obnoxious remarks on Facebook while promoting her second amendment right to own a gun. On a recent Facebook post Chase declared:

It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped. Sorry but I’m not going to be a statistic.

Obviously many found the remarks made by Senator Chase to be offensive, and an affront to human decency. Commenting on the victim blaming, Amanda Pohl, Chase’s opponent and the Democratic nominee in Virginia’s 11th State Senate District, issued a response to the comments calling rape victims “naive and unprepared.” In her statement Pohl called on Senator Chase to apologize to her constituents and all survivors of sexual violence:

Amanda Chase made an atrocious declaration, traumatizing for those who have been affected by sexual violence. Sexual assault survivors have long been told that they are to blame for rapists’ crimes and Senator Chase continues to perpetuate this narrative. I urge her to apologize for her statements and any implication that rape is caused by anything other than rapists. Survivors are not ‘naïve and unprepared’ because they were raped and these statements continue to demonstrate that Senator Chase’s extreme ideas are out of touch with the views of her constituents.

As someone who works in advocacy, I know we can prevent sexual assault by funding primary prevention and ending rape culture. Victim-blaming and shaming contribute to rape culture and harm survivors. Virginians deserve better.

In an attempt to justify her offensive and dishonest victim-blaming claim, Senator Chase issued the following statement:

Every woman and man, should have the right to protect themselves whenever and wherever they go. Unfortunately, in today’s society we must take precautions to protect ourselves where harm and evil awaits. My comments, if you go back to the full Facebook thread, was to a constituent who was scoffing at my rights and the rights of everyone else who protect themselves. My reply was why I and tens of thousands carry in Virginia to avert possible bad situations. It’s everyone’s 2nd Amendment Right to arm and protect themselves and their family. I’m a champion for women, their right to protect themselves and their right to their opinion, even if I may not agree, but will not tolerate the bullying or chastising the rights of the Second Amendment.

Bottom line: Virginia Senator Amanda Chase claims she is “a champion for women” while at the same time telling women that if they are raped it is because they are “naive and unprepared.” 

Virginia Senator Amanda Chase Claims Only ‘Naive And Unprepared’ Women Get Raped (Image via Screen Grab)
Virginia Senator Amanda Chase Claims Only ‘Naive And Unprepared’ Women Get Raped (Image via Screen Grab)


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