Texas Officials: Involuntary Celibates Constitute ‘Emerging Domestic Terrorism Threat’

Texas Officials: Involuntary Celibates Constitute ‘Emerging Domestic Terrorism Threat’ January 13, 2020

Domestic Terrorism: Involuntary Celibates threaten the nation. Officials in Texas are warning of an upcoming “Incel Rebellion” in a new report titiled “Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment.”

Raw Story reports:

Misogynistic men who identify as part of the “Involuntary Celibate” movement are domestic terrorism threats, according to a new report.

The Texas Department of Public Safety included the warning in their 2020, “Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment” (PDF).

The new report explains:

Although not a new movement, Involuntary Celibates (Incels) are an emerging domestic terrorism threat as current adherents demonstrate marked acts or threats of violence in furtherance of their social grievance. 

The report continues:

Once viewed as a criminal threat by many law enforcement authorities, Incels are now seen as a growing domestic terrorism concern due to the ideological nature of recent Incel attacks internationally, nationwide, and in Texas. What begins as a personal grievance due to perceived rejection by women may morph into allegiance to, and attempts to further, an Incel Rebellion. The result has thrust the Incel movement into the realm of domestic terrorism. The violence demonstrated by Incels in the past decade, coupled with extremely violent online rhetoric, suggests this particular threat could soon match, or potentially eclipse, the level of lethalness demonstrated by other domestic terrorism types. 

Wikipedia explains the term “Incels”:

Incels (a portmanteau of “involuntary” and “celibacy”) are members of an online subculture who define themselves as being unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom. Self-identified incels are almost exclusively male and mostly heterosexual.

And while the supposed problem of “involuntary celibacy” seems a bit comical, the incel community has proven to be dangerous. The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the incel subculture as “part of the online male supremacist ecosystem,” noting that self-described incels have committed at least four mass murders in North America.

More from The New York Times on the dangers of incels:

Recently, a young man named Alek Minassian drove through Toronto trying to kill people with his van. Ten were killed, and he has been charged with first-degree murder for their deaths, and with attempted murder for 16 people who were injured. Mr. Minassian declared himself to be part of a misogynist group whose members call themselves incels. The term is short for “involuntary celibates,” though the group has evolved into a male supremacist movement made up of people — some celibate, some not — who believe that women should be treated as sexual objects with few rights. Some believe in forced “sexual redistribution,” in which a governing body would intervene in women’s lives to force them into sexual relationships.

However, the incel community does have its defenders. For example, men’s rights activist and right wing pundit Jordan Peterson has previously promoted the virtues of patriarchy while suggesting that “enforced monogamy” for women was a viable solution to the growing Incel problem.

Bottom line: Involuntary Celibates threaten the nation as Texas Officials warn of an upcoming “Incel Rebellion” noting that “Involuntary Celibates (Incels) are an emerging domestic terrorism threat.”

Texas Officials: Involuntary Celibates Constitute ‘Emerging Domestic Terrorism Threat’ (Image via Facebook)
Texas Officials: Involuntary Celibates Constitute ‘Emerging Domestic Terrorism Threat’ (Image via Facebook)
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