Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run, Calls On Americans To ‘Trust God’

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run, Calls On Americans To ‘Trust God’ July 5, 2020

Cognitively Challenged Clown: Calling on Americans to “trust God,” former rap superstar Kanye West announces his 2020 presidential run.

Politico reports:

Kanye West tweeted Saturday night that he wants to run for president in 2020 — four months before the election and apparently without having filed with the Federal Election Commission or created a campaign committee.

Bloomberg News reports:

Kanye West says he’s running for president. It’s not clear if the musician is serious, or if this is a publicity stunt for himself or a project unrelated to the presidency. West’s Saturday night Twitter post instantly went viral, with more than 100,000 retweets within the first hour. West has 29.4 million followers on Twitter. ‘Kanye’ quickly became the number one trending term on Twitter.

If West is serious, there is a long list of hurdles toward running that would be nearly insurmountable for most candidates, including starting a campaign from scratch in July of an election year. He would need to qualify for ballot access across 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as build a presidential-grade political organization from scratch without the support of a party infrastructure.

West tweeted his intention to run on Saturday:

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.

The announcement was quickly endorsed by the deranged Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted:

You have my full support!

The following is a sample of other reactions to West’s announcement:

West, a cognitively challenged and weak minded individual, was once a rap superstar, but is now working as a conservative Christian evangelical, promoting religious superstition, Donald Trump, and hatred for gays.

Earlier this year, West joined prominent anti-gay, conservative Christian hate preachers as a featured headliner at “Awaken 2020” a prayer rally held in Arizona. 

Kanye’s transformation from rap superstar to a hateful conservative Christian has been a disappointing and bizarre spectacle. Last October West made the ridiculous claim that God gave him a $68 million tax refund because he is now “in service to Christ.”

Previously West made headlines after defending Trump and white supremacy. Last year, in a bizarre interview with TMZ, an intellectually unhinged Kanye West went on a bizarre rant, trying to justify his support for Trump, while claiming that being a slave was actually a choice.

In the bizarre interview West said:

When you hear about slavery for 400 years – for 400 years? That sounds like a choice!

Like, you was there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all? It’s like we’re mentally in prison. I like the word ‘prison’ because slavery goes too direct to the idea of blacks. It’s like slavery, Holocaust. Holocaust, Jews. Slavery is blacks. So, prison is something that unites us as one race. Blacks and whites being one race. We’re the human race.

As one might imagine, many people found Kanye’s remarks supporting Trump’s white supremacy, as well as his claim that slavery was a choice, to be disappointing, appalling, and profoundly ignorant.

Bottom line: Kanye West, a broken human being, and a moral failure, claims he is now a 2020 presidential candidate. 

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run, Calls On Americans To ‘Trust God’ (Image via Screen Grab)
Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run, Calls On Americans To ‘Trust God’ (Image via Screen Grab)

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