San Antonio Man Dies From Virus After Attending COVID-19 Party

San Antonio Man Dies From Virus After Attending COVID-19 Party July 10, 2020

Sad: An unidentified 30-year-old man expressed regret about attending a COVID-19 party before succumbing to the virus at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

KSAT News reports:

A doctor from Methodist Hospital in San Antonio said a young man died after attending a COVID-19 party.

Methodist Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jane Appleby explained the circumstances of the unidentified man’s death:

One of the things that was heart wrenching that he said to his nurse was, ‘You know, I think I made a mistake.’ And this young man went to a COVID party.

Dr. Appleby continued:

Someone will be diagnosed with the disease and they’ll have a party to invite their friends over to see if they can beat the disease.

People will come in initially and they don’t look so bad. They don’t look really sick, but when you check their oxygen levels and you check their lab tests, they’re really sicker than they appear on the surface.

Dr. Appleby concluded her remarks by making a plea that people wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines:

My plea to our community and especially all of our young folks in the community is to take it seriously. Wear your mask.

As hard as it may be to believe, people are engaging in high risk behavior like attending COVID-19 parties. For example, last week Progressive Secular Humanist reported about a Florida teen who died from coronavirus related complications after her mother brought her to a church “COVID party.” 

Earlier today the Minnesota Department of Health warned about the dangers of COVID-19 parties. Commenting on the warning, Kris Ehresmann, Minnesota Department of Health Infectious Disease Director, said:

I want to comment on a concept that we’ve been hearing about recently that we’re not particularly enthusiastic about. And that is, ‘COVID parties.’ I’ve been hearing from various sources that some people may be organizing or attending a ‘COVID party,’ presumably as a way to get COVID at a time that may be more convenient to them. I just want to say, and I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear me say this, that this is a really, really bad idea.

Repeat: Attending a COVID party is “a really, really bad idea.”

Bottom line: An unidentified man from San Antonio, Texas, is dead from the virus after attending a COVID-19 party.

San Antonio Man Dies From Virus After Attending COVID-19 Party
San Antonio Man Dies From Virus After Attending COVID-19 Party
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