Report: Nashville Suicide Bomber Motivated By ‘Paranoia Over 5G Technology’

Report: Nashville Suicide Bomber Motivated By ‘Paranoia Over 5G Technology’ December 28, 2020

Domestic Terrorist: Anthony Quinn Warner, the suicide bomber who killed himself while detonating a bomb inside of his RV in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning, was motivated by paranoia over 5G technology.

WKRN reports:

Federal investigators are “looking seriously” at whether “paranoia over 5G technology” led an Antioch man to detonate a bomb inside of an RV in downtown Nashville Christmas morning, killing himself, injuring three others and damaging more than 40 buildings, according to law enforcement sources.

News 4 Nashville reports:

A source close to the federal investigation said that among several different tips and angles, agents are investigating whether or not Warner had paranoia that 5G technology was being used to spy on Americans.

Yahoo News reports:

The FBI is also looking into whether Warner, who died in the bombing, was motivated by conspiracy theories that have focused on 5G communication networks, according to an update the FBI sent law enforcement agencies Sunday.

Yahoo News also notes that authorities have been aware of the threat from anti-5G activists for months:

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies warned in May of this year about escalating threats targeting 5G communications infrastructure, a possible motive now being considered by investigators looking into the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, according to government documents reviewed by Yahoo News.

The New York Post reports a source close to the investigation explains that Warner was “heavily into conspiracy theories” and believed that 5G networks were killing people. The source said:

The unofficial motive thus far is the suspect believed 5G was the root of all deaths in the region and he’d be hailed a hero.

Indeed, rather than people, it appears that Warner’s target was an AT&T building, and that the bomb that was detonated inside his RV was next to an AT&T building.

Suggesting that the AT&T building was the target of the Christmas bombing, Nashville Mayor John Cooper told CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

The truck was parked adjacent to this large, historic AT&T facility, which happens to be in downtown Nashville, somewhat surprisingly.

And to all of us locally, it feels like there has to be some connection with the AT&T facility and the site of the bombing.

In fact the blast damaged the local AT&T facility and knocked out various communication services, according to this AT&T statement.

Bottom line: Nashville suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was motivated by “paranoia over 5G technology” and believed he would be “hailed a hero” for his terrorist attack.

Report: Nashville Suicide Bomber Motivated By ‘Paranoia Over 5G Technology’ (Image via YouTube)
Report: Nashville Suicide Bomber Motivated By ‘Paranoia Over 5G Technology’ (Image via YouTube)


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