January 23, 2020

More of that “Christian love” – Rodney Dean Luffman, a pastor at a North Carolina church, is currently in jail after being charged with over 100 sex crimes against children. The Charlotte Observer reports: A pastor at a North Carolina church faces multiple child sex crime charges, officials say. Rodney Dean Luffman, 58, was charged with more than 100 sex offenses against kids who were ages 4 to 16… Luffman is charged with 115 felony sex charges, including 80 counts… Read more

January 23, 2020

Moral Failure: Lawmakers in Turkey introduce a controversial “marry your rapist” bill that would allow men accused of raping underage girls to avoid punishment if their victim agrees to marriage. Independent reports: A law which would allow men accused of having sex with girls who are under 18 to avoid punishment if they marry their victims is set to be introduced to parliament in Turkey. The controversial so-called “marry-your-rapist” bill, which lawmakers are planning to introduce to Turkish parliament at… Read more

January 22, 2020

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers explains why he rejects Christianity by questioning the morality of a god who would send people to Hell. Recently Rodgers sat down with girlfriend Danica Patrick for an interview on her Pretty Intense podcast. During the interview Rodgers noted that religious superstition “can be a crutch,” adding that Christianity is “something that people have to have to make themselves feel better.” Rodgers also noted that Christianity is a problematic “binarying system” explaining: It’s saved… Read more

January 22, 2020

“He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy” – Terry Jones, comedian, writer, actor, director, historian, and founding member of the iconic comedy troupe Monty Python, is dead at age 77.  Associated Press reports: Terry Jones, a founding member of the anarchic Monty Python troupe who was hailed by colleagues as “the complete Renaissance comedian” and “a man of endless enthusiasms,” has died at age 77 after suffering from dementia. According to his family, Jones died Saturday of primary… Read more

January 21, 2020

Theocracy Alert: The White House YouTube account is streaming a vile anti-gay church sermon attended by Vice President Mike Pence. Newsweek reports: Vice President Mike Pence called for people to remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “in these divided times” while attending a church where a bishop described how “the devil” is to blame for gay people. Pence spoke at the Holy City Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday ahead of Martin Luther King… Read more

January 20, 2020

The stupid, it burns: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway claims Martin Luther King Jr. would oppose the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. The Hill reports: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that the late civil rights icon would not support impeaching President Trump. Kellyanne Conway: “When you see the articles of impeachment, I don’t think it was within Dr. King’s vision to have Americans drag through a process where the president is not going… Read more

January 18, 2020

Racism for Jesus: Popular Christian activist Dave Daubenmire claims Meghan Markle “poisoned” the royal bloodline by being half-black. Daubenmire, on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast, discussed the recent news that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, would no longer be working members of the royal family. On his webcast, Daubenmire asked: How is the royal bloodline of the crown being poisoned? Is there something special about this commoner who has married into the royalty? Daubenmire answered: She’s half… Read more

January 17, 2020

Deplorable: Former rap superstar Kanye West will join prominent anti-gay, conservative Christian hate preachers as a featured headliner at “Awaken 2020” a prayer rally to be held in Arizona this weekend.  In what’s being billed as the “first epic evangelical stadium event of the decade,” West will join a collection of controversial Christian leaders who preach a message of hate and intolerance. Complex reports on the lineup of Christian hate preachers Kanye will be supporting: The Christian gathering features a… Read more

January 16, 2020

Christian fascism: Missouri lawmaker Ben Baker has introduced legislation to fine and jail librarians who allow kids to attend drag queen story hour or read gay-friendly, age appropriate material deemed “inappropriate” by conservative Christians like himself. The Hill reports: A new bill proposed in Missouri aims to prevent inappropriate sexual content from getting into the hands of kids, but critics are warning it amounts to censoring and could land public librarians in jail. The bill was introduced earlier this month… Read more

January 16, 2020

More of that Christian love: Authorities in Panama report 10 evangelicals have been arrested for the murder of six children and one adult, and the torture of 14 others, during violent exorcism rituals. NBC News reports: Prosecutors in Panama say they have found the corpses of six children and one adult in a clandestine burial pit where a sect had tortured indigenous people in exorcism rituals. Prosecutors said Thursday the dead minors ranged in age from one to 17, and… Read more

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