A Random Question

A Random Question March 10, 2012

By Bruce Adams

The following is a random question I was asked and thought others might enjoy.

I have a random question  I think u are pretty wise if you are telling the truth it sounds good if you are making it up you are giving comfort but i hope that isnt the case..
i got a question for you if you would be kind enough to answer..
here it goes I am a male age 28 am pretty good looking but not drop dead georgeous. I work with a girl that I am crazy about; and we have showed some interest in eachother then she just stopped talking to me because I put myself down and appeared needy I guess. I drew her a picture that said I love you about a month ago but about two days ago she stopped looking at me just totally ignoring.. then in the break room yesterday I said dont worry your hair looks fine.. in the break room then she said: its sexy time hair with a borat accent. then she said I did it just before I got to work. so she had sex with a guy before she got to work so now my question is I want to know if its over or if how I should react just ignore her and give it some time? Ask her out again write a letter? She has lost respect for me so I just want to know what the best chances would be to have her gain interest again? we never went on a date but we talk at work so whats the best solution in your opinion? I have a totally broken heart over this its crazy but its the truth I am crushed. Have any advice?

My response…

Regarding your random question, I have one rule that I follow in my life regarding advising anyone on any subject matter. The rule I follow is, unless I am prompted by spirit, I would never be so arrogant as to think I know what the most appropriate course of action for another in any situation.

I do many times however, share what I know about how things work and how our erroneous beliefs get in our way. Spiritually speaking, we are all in this world to have experiences that are uniquely designed for us. That which orchestrates and delivers all experiences is an omniscient consciousness known by different names (God, The Holy Spirit, The Great Spirit, Allah, The Universe, Krishna…). Being that the omniscient consciousness of which I speak is in fact a universal consciousness that is both formless and that which we call form you, me and everyone and everything is an aspect or part of it.

While this fact may not be understood by all, becoming fully awakened to our relationship with the universal creative energy (God) is the ultimate objective and root cause of all that we experience, including your present situation.  

With that thought in mind, I offer this advice, take some time where you can be alone and free from distractions of everyday life and look within your mind. Open yourself to accept that there is in fact a connection between you and the rest of creation. When you establish that there is an acceptance on your part that you could not exist without being connected to your creator, realize also the source that created you also created everyone else. Next, when you recognize that our creator (the source of that which is) loves you and all of itself ( every part of creation) equally, offer your dilemma to the omniscient love of source and state in your mind and your heart, you trust there will be nothing but a perfect experience for you.

When you can trust God’s wisdom over your picture, you are ready to LIVE/Awaken!

The only thing that gets in our way of being fully awake and aware of God is our picture of how things should look and be.

Love and Light

Brother Bruce

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