• Bruce Adams … Featured performer in the web-series, Author of the book Prophet or Madman (click here for bio)

• Steve Allen … Actor … Co-executive Producer … Co-creator of the web- series (click here for bio)

• Chris Johnson … Co-executive Producer and Co- creator of the web-series (click here for bio)

• Alan Welch … Videographer

• Dana Walden … Videographer and a POM brother and contributor

• Angie Gray … Videographer


Prophet or Madman, the web series, stems from a fascinating story that happened to our lead character, Bruce Adams. You see, Bruce was skating along with his son one day when God spoke to him. That’s right, you’re reading correctly, the Almighty spoke…and Bruce listened.

God gave Bruce three large scoops of divine insight. Bruce was told in no uncertain terms to stop building his financial empire, write a book based on the heavenly knowledge he was receiving and get his butt out on the road and start dishing unconditional love. So Bruce, being the good soldier that he is, gives up the lucrative businesses, writes the book and, along the way (perhaps because peddling unconditional love doesn’t always pay that well,) becomes the local ice cream guy! Bruce, who doesn’t have his head in the ice cream bucket, realizes he needs a media machine to promote his finished book and a strategy to get his butt (and his message) out there, so he decides to google PR firms that promote this kind of stuff et voila! up pops Steve Allen Media, a ten member, bi-coastal company specializing in this kind of thing – PR with a conscience – Steve calls it.

“I’ll just give Steve a call,” Bruce thinks. “I’ll tell him about the book. He’ll read it. It’ll change his life. He’ll say this is what he’s been preparing for his whole life. His firm will come up with a creative strategy to reach the LOHAS gang, the Cultural Creatives and everybody in between and off we go! It’ll be wonderful.” And here, dear reader, is pretty much where you come in and our web series begins. One thing’s for sure…It will be wonderful…and full of wonders!

Steve Allen Media is bi-coastal—NY, LA, SF—public relations and marketing communications firm specializing in small to medium-sized firms and organizations.

Steve Allen Media’s slogan is “PR with a Conscience” and they live up to it. They work with clients who are making a positive difference in the world. (click here for more info)

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