What is the purpose of a faith film?

What is the purpose of a faith film? August 29, 2023

This question is always a hot topic of discussion amongst faith filmmakers and honestly, it should always be a top priority. From a marketing perspective, you need to have a handle on not only who your audience is, but also what the message is that you are trying to convey. If you know these things, it is easier to run a successful marketing campaign and that will give you more successful film.

What are the Different Types of Faith Film?

For some, faith films must be tools to reach the lost. They share the gospel in an uncompromising manner. These are the films that you can use to reach non-believers. There are also faith films that act as encouragement for believers on their journey. These don’t necessarily have to have the saving message in them, but if the story is solid and meets a need, it’s still good. Faith films with an education aspect use story and situations to help clarify Biblical doctrines or educate the audience about spiritual issues. (See the Parables that Christ often used.) There is also the film that is just a good story with Biblical values. Many of these don’t even mention scripture or faith, but they are clean and ‘safe’ to just consume and enjoy. This is also a good place to note that it’s possible to see the gospel message or Biblical values in a mainstream film that had no intention of giving any gospel message or faith connection at all. But that’s an article for another time isn’t it?

Is there Room for Everyone?

I think it’s possible for a film to be one of those things or a mixture of them and still qualify to carry the label of faith film. (Or faith-based film as some prefer.)  I believe that everyone has a purpose within the body of Christ and that my journey does not match yours. Don’t get me wrong. Ultimately, we all have the same purpose. of reaching people for Christ and ministering to those within the body. However, the way we get there will be different.

The Bible (specifically the New Testament) is full of scriptures that explain how we all play different roles or how the gospel message is conveyed in different ways. The Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians says:

John 4:37-38 also talks about how some people are called to sow and some are called to reap the harvest.  So according to this, some people in life are called to be the seeds or the sowers and others come along later that water the seeds or get to witness the harvest.

In the same way I believe that people each have their own specific roles to play within God’s plan, I also believe that films or television shows do as well.  Every single project, no matter what it is, has a unique role designed for some purpose within God’s plan. A film can exhort and encourage a believer without having any character give their lives to Christ. A television show can model Godly and Biblical values without once showing a Bible. And a film designed to entertain can reach those with the gospel message without preaching a sermon. It’s entirely possible for these films to co-exist on the same shelf and each and every one of them to be a God ordained project.

In Conclusion

Within the faith community, these sorts of discussions usually end up in debate, discussion, and sometimes devolve into arguments. When that happens, there’s a lot of pointing fingers and shaming that can happen. I believe there’s room for all and until we start supporting each other instead of arguing and shaming, we can’t truly make an impact on the culture. This is a new sphere of influence that many believers are starting to explore whether it be in the faith film world or in the mainstream culture. When someone of faith enters the mainstream realm,  let’s see what happens if we pray them up, encourage, and support them the same way we do a missionary going into difficult territory to live and preach the gospel.

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear from you on this topic! My only ask is that discussions remain respectful and polite. Let me know what you think!

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