November 14, 2023

Christmas is and always has been my favorite holiday season of the year and it’s become apparent in the past few years that I am not the only one who feels that way. The rise over the past few years of feel good holiday movies on television, streaming services and even cable has proven to be a goldmine for not only studios but audiences as well. Every year my family and I have some holiday movies that we try to... Read more

September 29, 2023

Recently, with the strikes in Hollywood, there have been a lot of discussions on a variety of forums and sites about what people deserve as compensation for their work. A small but very vocal theme emerged across some faith based discussions that gave me pause. Generally, the idea can be summed as someone using their God given talent in the kingdom should be happy with whatever they get when it comes to compensation. Because in the long run, it’s not... Read more

September 11, 2023

This is a bit of a deviation from my normal entertainment industry theme. There are no movies, books, or television shows in this one. On September 11, 2001, I lived in the middle of something known as the 9/11 Triangle. As each year passes and we are further away from the event, it becomes more and more important for people to share their memories. This is my 9/11 story. The Morning of September 11, 2001 I was pregnant with my... Read more

August 29, 2023

This question is always a hot topic of discussion amongst faith filmmakers and honestly, it should always be a top priority. From a marketing perspective, you need to have a handle on not only who your audience is, but also what the message is that you are trying to convey. If you know these things, it is easier to run a successful marketing campaign and that will give you more successful film. What are the Different Types of Faith Film?... Read more

August 11, 2023

Gran Turismo. Have you heard of it? Most people I have talked to have heard something, but they don’t know a lot about it.  This is a movie about a team of auto racers that turned the racing world upside down by introducing gamers as professional race car drivers.  In the film, Orlando Bloom plays a marketing executive who comes up with the crazy idea to take the best players of the game Gran Turismo (known for its incredibly realistic... Read more

July 20, 2023

Full confession: This is not going to be my typical spoiler free review. I had every intention of doing that, but then I watched the Barbie movie and realized it wasn’t going to be that easy.  So if you choose to read on (and be aware that there is a lot here!) please know that there are spoilers ahead. Not Your Kid’s Barbie Here’s where my first caution comes in: a lot of kids were in the theater. This was... Read more

July 20, 2023

At the moment, it seems like every Christian in America has watched the movie Sound of Freedom and it is still gaining momentum. The second weekend stunned Hollywood and box office watchers by gaining momentum rather than dropping off.  That fact dominated entertainment headlines. It’s been fascinating to watch this unfold at the same time that the entertainment industry is in the middle of a work stoppage due to the WGA and now SAG-AFTRA strike. (Which I plan to address... Read more

July 11, 2023

Within the faith community right now it seems like everyone is discussing the same thing; The Sound of Freedom. Recently the film went head to head with Indiana Jones and it gave Indy a run for his money. Literally. Over July 4th, the time period when you expect the large tentpole films to dominate, The Sound of Freedom overtook Indy at the box office.   And rightly so. The movie is a quality film with a powerful message. It deserves the... Read more

July 2, 2023

Indiana Jones. There are very few franchises where just the name of the main character evokes a visceral response like this one. The Dial of Destiny is a decided punctuation mark to Harrison Ford’s time playing the iconic character. So how does it hold up to previous outings? The film opens with a flashback to Indiana Jones during his time coming up against the Nazis. He’s on a train with a friend, an artifact, and of course, it is crawling... Read more

June 20, 2023

On a daily basis, I hear a lot of things about the entertainment industry that just aren’t true. Most of the time I’m able to chuckle and just scroll past them.  I even joke with friends about having missed the limo to the champagne and caviar lifestyle that all of us in film and television supposedly have. (This weekend someone actually said that all screenwriters make millions and live in fancy mansions with drivers and personal chefs. Uh….I DEFINITELY missed... Read more

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