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Ro Waseem identifies himself as a Progressive Muslim. He launched this blog in January 2014, and has since contributed articles to Huffington Post, New Statesman, On Faith, Tikkun, The Malaysian Insider & Express Tribune, among others.

His vision behind Quranalyze It, as the name evidently suggests, is to encourage Muslims to analyze and ponder over the Quran, instead of merely using it as religious symbol. The blog encourages curiosity, critical thinking, skepticism, pluralism, unity and spirituality to Muslims and others.

He maintains that Islam as enshrined in the Quran is very different from the Islam that is advocated by Islamic theocracies and self-serving religious preachers. He, therefore, seeks to clear popular misconceptions about Islam and actively challenges the passive mentality that condones irrationality & a breach of fundamental human rights just because it is presented in the guise of Islam.

His approach towards Islam might be considered as a bit unorthodox by others, which is primarily centered on the Quran. Others sources are, of course, secondary – which should be adopted so long as they do not contradict the Quran or add further legislation to it.

As a humble student of the Quran, he believes that Quran, without any ambiguity, promotes freedom of expression & belief; and has written against the infamous blasphemy & apostasy laws that have plagued Islam as an intolerant belief system.

He humbly urges Muslims to recognize diversity as one of the many gifts of God, rather than feeling threatened by it. Furthermore, he argues that instead of focusing on trivialities, Muslims must try to achieve unity and put an end to the violent & Takfir-based sectarianism.

He wishes to make it clear that the opinions expressed on this blog are just that – opinions; which may or may not change in the future. In the words of Imam Shafai:

“I am convinced about the veracity of my opinions, but I do consider it likely that they may turn out to be incorrect. Likewise, I am convinced about the incorrectness of the views different from mine, but I do concede the possibility that they may turn out to be correct.”

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