Quranist and Apostate brings together a Quranist Muslim and an anti-theist atheist ex-Muslim in conversation about the past, present, and future of Islam and the world around it.

Farouk A. Peru is a Muslim Quranist, born and raised in Malaysia and currently living in London England. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Islam and Postmodernism and teaches Islamic Studies at King’s College, London and at the MECCA Institute. Farouk also blogs at Person al Islam in the Muslim Channel at Patheos.

Kaveh Mousavi is the pseudonym of an atheist ex-Muslim living in Iran. He is a student of English Literature, an aspiring novelist, and part-time English teacher. He was born at the tenth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. He has ditched the Islamic part, but has kept some of the revolutionary spirit. Kaveh also blogs at On the Margin of Error in the Atheist Channel at Patheos.