Comments Policy

My vision for this forum is that it becomes a place where people of varying backgrounds and differing opinions can gather and agree, disagree or just simply share in conversation on the topic at hand. All comments are moderated by me and need to be approved before being published. My guidelines for approving a comment are generally subjective since this is only a blog but overall the following two points will be considered:

1. Is the comment respectful to others both in tone and in substance?

2. Is the comment substantive? In other words, does it add to the conversation?

I will not always respond to every comment offered but will attempt to respond regularly, time permitting. Depending on when you submit a comment, it could take several hours or only a few minutes for it to appear on the post. For example, if you submit a comment at 2 AM, you might not see it for at least a few hours.

Thank you for taking interest in being part of this exchange and dialogue of ideas.

– Rabbi Ben Greenberg