Laugh to Keep on Thriving (Days 106-112 of Quitting the Bible)

Laugh to Keep on Thriving (Days 106-112 of Quitting the Bible) October 23, 2018
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Think about the people we make famous because they bring us to laughter.

Laughter is a big deal to many of us.

We pay people to “make” us laugh.  We watch comedy through various media and in real life.

I get it.

Laughter has helped me get through a lot of challenges in life.

Last week, I received some unpleasant news and laughter was like a word from the Lord.

Ugly Laugh

As I spoke to one of my close friends, she shared with me a story of something that happened in her life.

The story was so outlandishly hilarious that I ugly laughed.

When I say ugly laugh, I’m talking:

Fall out of my chair,

crawling back up to my seat,

can’t breathe,

cue the embarrassing snort

stomach hurting,


tears rolling

kind of laughter.

You know a story has reach the status of  legitimate entertainment when you are ugly laughing.

As the wild story unfolded, I repeatedly asked my friend to pause at different points. I did not want to miss a single narrative detail from laughing so hard.

After she finished what is shaping up to be the tale of the year, she said something to the effect of, “Good. That’s the laugh I want to hear from Sam.”

Feeling blessed by the story, I quipped about my readiness to give tithes and offerings to a non-existent church my friend pastored.

I needed someone pass the collection plate.

My friend’s story was so comical that whenever I think of it, I still laugh. Ooh, it is so good, but I am not telling a word.

Laughter as Soul Food

Some humor feels like I got carried away with the gluten-free lemon bars again. My friends story had such substance and with that it felt like food for the soul.

After laughing, I knew I had gone to Bible study and back.

Isn’t laughter Divine?

I think so.

If your religion is so serious that the only thing you focus on is avoiding the unholy trifecta of hell, curses, and apocalyptic wrath, then you might could use a little laughter in your life, too.

Someone might respond, “Hold on. There’s nothing funny about hell.”

Well, if this is the case, then this someone might feel more at home there with no sense of humor.

I imagine Jesus told awesome jokes. If not, why would God send someone with the humor of a gnat? I can imagine Jesus throwing in some one-liners between parables.

With all of the theological fighting, I wish God had decided to breathe out  The Book of Humor right after The Book of Numbers (Also known in underground circles as a spiritual remedy for insomnia- add lavender, frankincense, and myrrh, and you will sleep like you are wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger).

Instead, we are the carriers of joyful Divine text.

The beauty of my friend’s story, other than the delivery, was found in the hidden morals and life lessons. Her story burst with hope and inspiration in an almost unbelievable tale of us, funny mortals.

Laughter really is good for the soul because distress is not. You can scour the internet to ascertain the health benefits of a good laugh. Laughter can bring merriment and relaxation. Humor is a powerful tool that can bring people closer together for destructive or constructive purposes.

Finding a way to laugh in different situations helps me to put things in perspective.

Even if you cannot find something amusing in your situation, finding something to laugh about feels good.

Laughing helps open our hearts to behold more gratitude.

Instead of telling people, “How dare you laugh,” what if we invited more people to dare to laugh?

Sometimes you got to laugh.

Not to keep from crying.

But to keep on thriving.

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