Before I chose to quit the Bible for a year, I thought about my example as a parent. I considered what I would be teaching with my life. I asked myself, “What kind of parent stops reading her Bible? Why would you do that when your son is getting ready to go to college?” These questions stemmed from fear and self-accusation. Instead of shrinking back because of self-imposed fears, I gave myself permission to see this area with eyes of… Read more

Fannie Lou Hamer has been on my mind. In this post, I explore challenging and straightforward questions, as I reflect on the blessing of her work and the expectation of Black women to struggle on behalf of various communities for social progress. Are We Smiling Up There Do Black women smile in heaven? Once we get there, do we have more to climb? Do Black women enjoy Paradise, looking down at oppression all over the world? These questions linger as I… Read more

Seven days have passed since I quit reading the Bible, and one thing has become clear to me: I am a Christian heathen. Here are three thoughts from my week of discovering my heathenish identity in da Lawd. 1. Sending That God to Hell Knock on wood and clutch the crucifixes at the end of your necklaces, for I have not made Lucifer my best friend. If you left it to a cadre of Christians concerned for my soul, they… Read more

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” Never underestimate the influence a good slogan. I shall not go into detail, but this message made a significant impact on me. I think one of the powerful principles inherent in this U.S. national campaign to deter accidents and fatalities related to driving under the influence was its focus on relational responsibility within our highly individualistic society. It prompted us to face our definitions of care, love, and friendship when tested in these situations…. Read more

I am quitting the Bible, the Holy Bible, the Good Book for a year. After decades of walking with da Lawd, today, I am pausing from reading the Bible for three hundred sixty-five days. Call it a blasphemous birthday present. Call it whatever you want. I call it an invitation into drawing closer to God; a beckoning into the wilderness with Jesus for a fellowship unknown. Although I am quitting the Bible, I am not quitting Jesus. You might wonder,… Read more

Are you judging your up? That is, have you ever minimized your gifts, wins, resilience, or merely being? Has the pursuit of accomplishing your goals ever led to heightened self-criticism of your efforts? If so, you have judged your ups, and I share three reasons to stop it pronto in this post. First, I shall share a little background. Tawanda, a woman at my local gym, is a walking fitness inspiration, giving words of wisdom, encouragement with the authority of… Read more

In case you did not get the memo, you can no longer assume that we, the people, share common values in the United States of America. If you,  like me, thought there was a general consensus that actions like child abuse or neglect were heartless and wrong, well, we were wrong. The recent stir over children separated from their parents attempting to migrate at the U.S. border has revealed much proof that the line for cruelty has been erased. Something… Read more

Greetings!  I am away on holiday. Posts will resume by the end of the week of June 17, 2018. Peace, love, and all that jazz, Dr. Sam Read more

  Duckweed and turtles can change your life. At one of my favorite parks, there is a small pond nestled among towering trees and shrubs, with a discrete opening to a gentle slope for those who venture closer.  Over time, the pond became completely covered with this unidentifiable green plant stuff. I had likened this green stuff to some form of  “algae,” acknowledging my inner cluelessness. And on one of my recent strolls, I thought, “This area could really be… Read more

  “Stay Woke” is so popular, you can buy a t-shirt and magically transform into the wokest of the woke. With this expanded understanding of how racism, and its intersecting oppressions shapes the social world, living woke has become critical to how you and I change the societal landscape. Amid the swell of growing consciousness, I perceive something has gone awry with a growing cadre of our “woke” citizens of Wokanda, not to be confused with Wakanda. If you are… Read more

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