Has President Trump Become Swamp Thing-in-Chief?

Has President Trump Become Swamp Thing-in-Chief? November 13, 2019

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President Trump was elected with a bold promise to drain the swamp. As a self-proclaimed political reformer, has he fulfilled his campaign promise, or has he become the Swamp Thing-in-Chief?

Typical politicians charismatically tell the public what we want to hear and do not fare well on delivering. For the most part, masses of people seem to accept this dynamic.

To drain the swamp requires forsaking one’s political career self-interest to doing what was best for the people. You know, taking the the whole “government for the people and by the people” thing really seriously in deed.

Recently, President Trump has ordered current and past White House officials under his administration to defy Congress during their impeachment inquiry.

It looks like more swampy behavior.

I was not a person on inauguration day, screaming about resistance because my or anyone’s favorite did not win. I have taken personal hits because numbers of people expect me to relinquish use of my brain in order to make everything President Trump says and does either all good or evil.

Certain people map evil onto all things Trump because they cannot  stand him.

That is, if President Trump sneezes, I am not going to bend over backwards like some people seem to do and accuse him of hurling racial slurs.

I believe in justice. I have learned that various Democrats and Republicans do not live up to the ideas of justice when their emotions and ego are what they prize the most.

Just because I do not like or agree with a person does not mean I compromise and throw out justice. However, I have seen this behavior occur repeatedly by people who are in both parties. In this administration, I have seen people who do better at talk than the tough work of walk.

I am willing and have challenged issues within both major U.S. political parties. Anyone who calls me a “sellout,” “snowflake,” or any names, needs to provide evidence of how they have demonstrated efforts in monitoring their own political biases.

Show me your receipts.

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I am not here to cater to your ego and emotions at the expense of principle.  I am neither your private dancer nor politician.

With this said, I do not come here after spending years knitting pink kitty hats for some women’s resistance movement that has not translated to my life as an African-American woman in the U.S. or the world.

I come with questions. Regardless of your perception of Democrats’ motives and put politics aside, in the spirit of justice, why would the President of the United States order current and former White House officials to defy Congress?

How can you stand for justice and even this nation and justify this behavior?  I really want to know, and I am open to hearing another take beyond “fake news” and “Dem shame or sham.”

Currently, I interpret the president’s behavior as undermining the stability of our government and the checks and balances of power.

Substitute the Ukraine aid issue for another even more severe accusation. Do you think the President of the United States should reserve the right to obstruct justice into an investigation to ensure that the interests of the people are preserved because of “absolute immunity?”

If the President decided to do something treasonous that would sacrifice the security of the United States, would you still think the President should obstruct justice?

When President Trump promised draining the swamp, I did not know it meant the revolving door of his own White house staff. Instead of being the great reformer, has President Trump become the commander-in-chief of all things swamp in Washington?

This abuse of political power as a move to avoid investigation or accountability is crooked.  Just as President Trump called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “crooked” over the 33,000 emails, he has not shown himself to be at any higher moral standing.

Perhaps, it takes one to know one.

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