May 27, 2019

Over the weekend*, I shared the following story and PSA on social media: [Begin] Earlier today, when I was out for a walk, I saw numbers of people preparing for cook-outs. I like to have a good time and laugh, so I decided to stop over to have a little fun. At the first area, I saw a man prepping food. He looked excited and in the zone. “Hey! It’s your favorite cousin!” I announced, smiling and looking… Read more

May 25, 2019

As allegations of sexual misconduct unfold, video has emerged of self-help guru Tony Robbins dropping more n-words than a Black hip-hop artist. Except, he used the hard “r” at the end. Many Black people who use the n-word, typically use ni**a, with a light and airy “ah” or “uh” at the end. The hard “r” changes the game and not in a good way. When I watched the 1980’s video of Tony Robbins using racial slurs  as one of his jarring… Read more

May 21, 2019

Last week, I heard the word, again:* Nobody. The woman said it with the kind of ease that gave me the impression that she had used it many times before. The word passed through the casually like a crumpled receipt quickly tossed into a trash can. I was still pondering the words of a man who had referred to certain people as “nobodies.” He did not want to associate with them.  If I elaborated on his criteria, you might understand… Read more

May 18, 2019

Several days ago, Sandra Bland’s cell phone video footage was released to the pub lic. This video challenges the “fear for my life”  argument given by the former Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper, Brian Encinia, who arrested her. You can click here to access the WFAA TV station report and watch the video. It challenges his statement about the events. It raises questions about the integrity of the entire investigation. Well, let me put it this way, if it does… Read more

May 14, 2019

In a White supremacist society, it is not uncommon to ignore racial influences within the work of White people and predominantly White spaces. Whiteness functions as the norm and the standard. Have you ever noticed how certain products and services created by White people are marketed with assumed “universal” applicability, while those things created by Black people become “racialized?” It is as if White is not a race. Likewise, Christianity does not magically remove racism. The Bible does not wash away… Read more

May 10, 2019

A Baltimore TV station has dismissed an anchor over what some have deemed a racist and sexist question that she posed regarding Black female mayors. In a WJZ -TV news segment about the resignation of local mayor, Catherine Pugh, Mary Bubala asked Loyola University Maryland professor Karsonya Wise Whitehead the following question: “We’ve had three female, African-American mayors in a row. They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned, though. Is this a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed… Read more

May 7, 2019

I wanted to buy more salt for our home water softener because I had just used the last bag. Last week,* I planned to purchase 160 lbs. of it. Despite my recovering shoulder, wrist, back, and hip, I planned on lifting every pound into the shopping cart and into my vehicle. Even as I write and reflect, I shake my head at the ridiculousness of repeatedly lifting multiple 40 lb. bags in my condition. My mind and spirit are willing and… Read more

May 4, 2019

On Thursday, Facebook permanently banned individuals from its platform who were considered dangerous.  As a result of the social media giant’s effort to combat the spread of hate and violence through social media, the banned individuals included Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Nehlen, and Milo Yiannopoulos. According to CNN, a Facebook spokesperson noted that the decision came as a result of a lengthy process. Factors included: Whether the person or organization has ever called… Read more

April 30, 2019

No one knows God. Not one person. If you think that you know everything there is to God, the Divine, or the Universe, then you most likely possess one of the qualities of a cult leader. Even Jesus mentioned that he was unaware about some things concerning God, like the date of his future return to bring either world-wide Christmas cheer or annihilation of all Christian foes with enough cinematic vengeance to make up for crappy apocalyptic Jesus films that… Read more

April 26, 2019

A principal of a high school in Texas sparked controversy after signing off on a dress code for parents and guests who visit the school. A letter, explaining the dress code, bans the following attire: “Jeans that are torn from your buttocks (behind) to all the way down showing lots of skin “Leggings that are showing your bottom and where your body is not covered from the front or back ” “Sagging pants, shorts, jeans” “Dresses that are up to your… Read more

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