My Husband’s First Wife Contacted Me from the Dead-Not Awkward (Days 148-154 of Quitting the Bible)

My Husband’s First Wife Contacted Me from the Dead-Not Awkward (Days 148-154 of Quitting the Bible) December 5, 2018
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Upon initially embarking on my Biblical sabbatical, I had an experience where my husband’s deceased wife contacted me.
Last week, she contacted me again.
I have avoided sharing about a range of my life’s mystical experiences because I still had a fear of what people would think, particularly my devout Christian friends.

Instead of hiding this experience, I am writing about it for two reasons:

First, various people have spiritual experiences that do not fit neatly in our scientific or theological boxes.
This is one of them.

Secondly, I am writing about it so that people who are having what are considered “mystical” experiences can feel comforted, instead of experiencing fear and thinking they are of the devil.

Countering My Beliefs

Contrary to what I was taught about how connecting to the dead worked, I did not reach out to the Witch of Endor to hang out with my husband’s first wife.

I did not go looking to speak to the dead. If anything, I am one to break out the anointing oil and get to ‘rebuking the devil.

I had zero desire to contact anyone beyond the grave.

I cannot emphasize this context enough because I was under the impression after decades upon decades of being told otherwise that things like this happen when people go looking for them.

I am here to tell you that they come for you. Okay, I know how the last sentence can come across as creepy-not my intention.

Furthermore, the explanation that demons are masking as deceased loved ones do not explain all phenomena where people connect with those who have passed.

Before anyone attempts to try my nerves with “try the spirit,” by the power of  Amerie, I have this one thing to say: Try the spirit of silence.

What Happened?

As for my experience with my husband’s first wife, I was chilling at home, minding my own business like the Fresh Princess of Bel Air, when she reached out to me.

In the spirit (pun intended) of transparency, I was annoyed because I was not in the mood for what I had considered “weird spiritual stuff” to break out in my life.
I had recently ended another extended spiritual fast, and this experience was far from what I expected.
Instead of “Not today, Satan,” I was saying, “Not today, God.”

Given that the person reaching out to me was once married to my husband, I did not feel awkward because I have felt connected to her before our marriage. I know it might sound strange to some people, but I felt as if we would have been friends back in the day. I had another mystical experience involving her before my marriage.

I shall not get into it at the moment, because this Sixth Sense post might be a lot for individual Christians to handle.

We had a long talk, and she shared some encouraging things to me. Then, she had a message for my husband and someone else.

I did not like the idea of delivering a message from her to my husband because I did not want him to think I was “coo-coo for cocoa puffs” (and not in the yummy cereal sense) or that he needed to call an exorcist.

When I spoke to him, he received the message quite well. He seemed peaceful and understanding.

As for the other person, I hemmed and hawed all day. I thought about blowing it off. Finally, at one point in the evening, I made the call. I knew this person was active in the Christian faith, and I felt like I was about to go before the tribunal.

Like my husband, this person did not think I was crazy and confirmed some things that my husband’s first wife had shared. This person expressed much gratitude for the message and encouragement.

Now, I feel uncomfortable just saying “dead,” because after this “life,” we do not really die. There is much more to this world, this life, and this universe, and if we are open, more can be revealed to us.

When we seek to know God, then prepare to go beyond our books and cultural norms.

As for sacred books, when Moses and Elijah visited him on top of the mountain, was Jesus working with the devil or familiar spirits?

If those who once dwelt among us in physical body return to visit and support us, I consider it just as much as a Divine gift as the one Jesus experienced.

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  • Al Cruise

    Thank You for this. I appreciate the strength of your faith. Here is something I posted before about this. “My position of belief in life after death, comes from experiences with comforting/love of the dying. Especially with those whom are the least among-st us and would otherwise die alone. Discussing these events with many others who do the same, we find that these experiences are universal around the world, and do not follow any particular theologies or philosophies. The point I am trying to make is there is a huge gulf between looking at death through the lens of academia [Theology, religion and philosophy] and experiencing it take place on the front line in the real world among-st all cultures and situations around the world. “