Crisis in Sudan: Ways to Stay Informed and Help

Crisis in Sudan: Ways to Stay Informed and Help June 15, 2019

Sudan is in crisis, and it is political.

It is about independence-freedom.

Through a peaceful revolution, the people of Sudan ousted Omar al-Bashir, dictator of over 30 years.

However, The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has conveyed a lack of investment in a peaceful transition to democracy and giving up power.

On June 3, 2019, they reportedly killed over hundred peaceful protesters in a crackdown against the opposition. At this time, the actual number of casualties remain unknown.

Social media has been critical to the revolution before, during, and after the crackdown.

Consequently, the military junta has shut down the internet. Numerous reports suggest the nation is at a 90% blackout.

This blackout is important to keep in mind, as the Sudanese state media and TMC seek to control the narrative about the Sudan Uprising and the opposition.

For individuals who desire to stand in solidarity with revolutionary people of Sudan, below is a 4 Part list (partial) of resources to get informed, stay informed and find out ways to help. Read and use at your own discretion.

I. Get Up to Speed & Help

A. Infographic about the peaceful protects and how to help:

B. Sudanese Professionals Association (Umbrella group of unions leading protests/opposition since December 2018)

1. SPA English website

2. June 4, 2019 Statement: Complete civil disobedience, and open political strike, to avoid chaos

3. June 13, 2019 Statement: Violations against those who participated in the civil disobedience

4. June 15, 2019  Statement: Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change

C. Master Document of Sudan Uprising

Compiled by Ladin Awad

Link to Sudan Uprising Master Document- Opens in Googledocs

Twitter access:

D. #SudanSyllabus

Razan Idris curated #SudanSyllabus with resources about Sudan. Includes information pertaining to Sudan uprising.

Link to the #SudanSyllabus Google document

Twitter access to #SudanSyllabus:

E. Sudan Tribune

Non profit based in France dedicated to promoting “promote plural information, democratic and free debate on Sudan.”

Sudan Tribune English Website


II. Understanding the Role of Social Media in Sudan Protests and Crowdfunding

A. Hannah McNeish’s  2016 report: Crowdfunding Medicine via Facebook is a Lifesaver for Sick Children in Sudan

B. Yousra Elbagir’s  2016 report: How Sudan’s diaspora uses social media to marshal Ramadan meals

C. Tamerra Griffin’s: These Women Joined Facebook To Follow Their Crushes. Now They’re Using Their Skills To Expose Abusive Police.


III. Get Informed & Stay Informed

Social media has been instrumental and critical to the Sudan protests/revolution. Social media accounts to consider following/checking out:

Sara Elhassan

Twitter: @bsonblast

IG: @bsonblast

Yousra Elbagir

Twitter: @yousraelbagir

IG: @yousraelbagir

Watch Elbagir’s news report: At least 27 protesters killed as Sudanese forces attack sit-in

Reem Abbas

Twitter: @ReemWrites

Read Abbas’  Sudan must come together to face its terrifying violence

Isma’il Kushkush

Twitter: @ikushkush

Read Kushhush’s Sudan’s Uprising, Bashir’s Fall, and My Father’s Passing

Hiba Morgan

Twitter: @hiba_morgan

Read Morgan’s  Khartoum Sit-in May be gone, But Its Dream of a Democratic Sudan Remains

Nesrine Malik

Twitter: @NesrineMalik

Read Malik’s The Military Crackdown in Sudan Lays Bare the Dark Heart of Bashir’s Regime

Sudan Tribune

Twitter (English): @SudanTribune_EN

Omer Etigani

Twitter: @sudanesekitchen

IG: @sudanesekitchen

Ladin Awad

Twitter: @yaaaaladin

IG: @niidal

Razan Idris

Twitter: @idris_razan

Aya Elmileik


Sudan Uprising Updates

IG: @sudanuprising.updates

Sudan Instagram

IG: @sudan


IV. Other Articles to Read:

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