Orlando Massacre: What Christian Me Would Have Said

Orlando Massacre: What Christian Me Would Have Said June 14, 2016
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“They deserved it,” says a person I barely recognise. It is the old me.

I am a terrible terrible person. I am ashamed of what I used to think. I write this with tears in my eyes. Ashamed of what I thought about gay people in the past. I wince at the thoughts from a former me and weep at the barbarity. The cruelty. The lack of compassion for another human being. Another human being flung into existence just like me, with no choice on where they end up.

I used to believe that when terrible things happened to gay people that it was acceptable, because they were an abomination and choosing to do evil. “They choose to be gay and live like that.”

I heard news about gay people being attacked with indifference, “they shouldn’t be living like that afterall, they asked for this.”

“They deserved it.”

I had been told from a very young age, that I would grow up and get married. I would get married to a man and then I would have children. This man would be a christian who would attend the same church as me. This man would obviously not be a catholic and he could never ever be someone who does not believe in god.

I was told repeatedly that marriage was sacred and that it was created by god. That a relationship and marriage could only happen between a man and a woman. Some people are homosexual they told me. They are disgusting, what they do is evil and vile. They will go to hell for what they do. You should never associate yourself with them or with anyone who supports them.

I thankfully came to the realisation that what I had been told was horrific. That all people have the right to be with the one they love, no matter what sex they are. I moved away from the terrible person I was, with the vile views that I had of people. If I had not changed, then I would have been viewing the events that took place in Orlando very differently. I doubt that I would have had any sadness for those who lost their lives and for the families that have lost their loved ones.

I am sad. I am disappointed in human kind. I hope that society will start changing for the better and fast.

I used to believe that when terrible things happened, god had allowed it. It was part of his bigger plan for us all. That he had this divine plan, which would explain away the awful things that happen to innocent people.

There is no plan. Instead we make do with what we’ve got, be with those we love and try to be as happy as we can be.

We all need to live life as if it is our last day.

Dance on beautiful wonderful people, for those who can’t  and until you can’t dance any more.

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