Sacred Woods: Watch Your Step

Sacred Woods: Watch Your Step July 27, 2016

There is obviously no actual photo of the sacred wood. Of course not! To capture such evil would have been a sinful act and who would have wanted to look at such an image? An image of something so heinous, so nefarious, and so malevolent.

God would have been upset with anyone who had captured the sacred wood in a photo. Why glorify it in an image. I wish I had one now, so that I could see it for what it really was. A normal wood.

It looked like a normal group of trees when I first saw it. It stood out from the rest of the land. There were no houses near it, just the red baked earth.  I was told not to go near the wood. I didn’t understand why, yes I knew that going places alone was naughty and dangerous. But they were just trees? Trees I could climb! There are good trees for climbing in there.

No. They are not just trees. That is the sacred wood, where the evil spirits go once they are taken out of people by Christians. If you go in there you may be attacked by evil spirits and bad things could happen to you if you do. Evil spirits come into the minds and bodies of those who think bad things and do bad things. If you open the door to evil, you will let an evil spirit in. Remember the story about Jesus casting out the evil spirits from the people and putting them in pigs? The one where the pigs then ran into the sea and died with the evil spirits in them so the people didn’t have to die? (Matthew 8 v 28 – 34) Here, they put the evil spirits in the forest instead of in animals. The Christians here will pray for people who have evil spirits and the spirit will come out of them.

As a result of this revelation I was terrified.  I remember the fear setting in anytime I saw it. There were evil spirits in there, if I get too close they may grab me. We played near it a couple of times, for the thrills but I always felt too guilty and scared when I did.

Children get scared of the dark without even being told about ghosts or the boogey man. Children get scared over the slightest noise in the dark when they are in a new place. Imagine how that fear is magnified when they are told that the ghosts are real, but they are actually evil spirits. That there are worse things out there than things that go bump in the night. That a poltergeist is actually an angry evil spirit. That evil spirits are real and so is hell.

It took me years to stop being afraid of the dark. Only when I stopped believing in a God did I manage overcome these disturbing stories I was told, stories that should stay in horror movies, not in the minds of little children.

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