Facebooking Your Ramadan: By Pakistani Kuri

Facebooking Your Ramadan: By Pakistani Kuri August 16, 2011

Pakistani Kuri

While growing up in Pakistan, we were taught that there are 11 months in a year and then there’s Ramadan: the holiest month for us Muslims. When I was five, I was captivated and wondered astonishingly why “Roza Kholna (Open your fast) and Sehri Karna (Close your fast)” was a significant part of my parents’ routine during this month. I remember distinctively my parents being utterly calm, absolutely devout to the Jah Namaz (Prayer Mat) and not yelling at us for 30 days even when three of us siblings fought the hell out of each other.  With time, I was able to understand they were respecting the Fifth Pillar of Islam and soon enough I’d be doing the same.

In his first post for Patheos, Wajahat Ali pointed that there are many types of Muslims one gets the opportunity to see during Ramadan.

There are people  like me who take every advantage to learn/study Islam profoundly and then try my best to implement the learned principles throughout my daily routine for rest of the year. I am a human so I slip here and there.

Then there are ones who recite – recite – pray – recite – pray for their forgiveness and prosperity and yet manage to throw gaudy Iftars.

However, lately, I have come across a third kind: Social Media Ramadan-ers. People that  fervently use Social Media (Facebook – Twitter – Google+) to impose and enlighten their beliefs and new learnings on every one of their friends’ list.  Yes, the U.S Constitution gives you the right of freedom of speech, and yes these social platforms are doing nothing but abiding by the first amendment diligently.

Conversely, everyone please – take a moment and think before updating your status or posting a link. Try getting some validity on it. It is advised to use the Quran itself.  I completely acknowledge that Social Media Ramadan-ers  are enthusiastic about getting their prayers answered and at the same time showing the world how much more Muslim-y you are than rest of them.

But, I do firmly believe that God will listen more carefully on a Jah Namaz than through a Facebook status. Please read: I am not judging anyone particular, but politely asking everyone to reflect within themselves first and then preach to the world via social media.

To all my dear, avid Facebook users: yes, Islam appreciates spreading the knowledge but it moreover agrees on spreading the REAL knowledge. So, next time try dropping in some references to Tirmizi, Bukhari, Huzaifa, Sahihs and most importantly the Holy Quran.

Alas, I also strongly believe that if Allah gave humans His absolute power for one day, the entire humankind would probably not notice because we’d be too busy updating our Facebook statuses.


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