Merry Christmas – Which Santa Would You Choose?

Merry Christmas – Which Santa Would You Choose? December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

From Santa Dan, Linda and Catherine!

Baby Deniz,

Bad Santa and crying baby too!

Santa Dan
>>>Photo Credits: Joeckingham via photopincc

Bad Santa




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  • mason

    As with many things, Chrismas (we really need to
    spell it like people say it) comes with mixed emotions. I remember my
    childhood excitement of not sleeping very well and getting up early only to
    then have to wait for the rest of the family to get up before I could discover
    what gifts Santa had left. When I was still young we didn’t open gifts on
    Chrismas eve; that was unheard of until I was 11 years old.

    My fondest Chrismas memory is that our house
    didn’t burn and consume my father, mother, me and three sisters in the flames.
    We always had a real tree about 7 ft. tall and decorated with ornaments,
    tinsel, a silver star, and colorful strings of lights with bulbs that got so
    hot they could set the tree on fire. The wisdom of the day was “be sure to
    unplug the lights at night,” assuming people could run out of a fire in the

    I recall every year there was at least one house
    in our town, or nearby, that burned down at night consuming the house and
    sometimes the family. Obviously these poor souls failed to heed the unplug
    lights warning.

    Another word to the wise for those who wanted not
    to tempt fate with death by Chrismas tree was to make sure the tree was set in
    a container that held water. “Don’t let the water container go dry!” was
    another safety tip to reduce the kindling wood with hot lights in their
    living room from becoming a tool for the angel of death.

    The thrill of Santa’s gifts was usually dampened
    after New Year’s when the bills arrived in our mail box. My mother would
    usually get blamed for “spending way more than we can afford and charging
    things.” This made me feel guilt for the gifts I got and made me wonder
    about if reindeer really know how to fly. My doubts were confirmed when several
    years later I found a Santa costume in the attic that my Grandfather had been
    using. That was the exposing of my first bamboozle. The post Chrismas bill
    stress and drama didn’t completely dispell my belief in Santa because the gifts
    had tags that said “From Santa” or from “Mother and Father.” Santa’s tags were
    different and printed, not in cursive.

    Much later in life I discovered I’d also been
    bamboozled with the virgin birth story with the added embellishment of a star
    over Bethlehem that guided men to the miraculous event. Such a star to be used
    as ancient GPS would require a proximity that would have incinerated little
    baby Jesus and the entire planet!

    So I have many warm memories of my credulous
    childhood with Santa, Chrismas trees, and opening gifts. There was one Chrismas
    morning where I made a huge mess of the happy occasion. I’d gotten an off brand
    electric train since my parents couldn’t afford a Lionel set. I knew rich kids
    got more expensive gifts than poor kids so this didn’t bother me. I
    proudly announced “I got more and better gifts than my sisters!” My
    normally very mild mannered father, who always delegated the spanking chore to
    my mother, who was very competent at the job, swiftly smacked me across my
    mouth. I was severely chastised by my mother, and my sisters shamed me with
    looks of anger and disgust I didn’t know they were capable.

    I wasn’t allowed to play with my new train set on
    that day,the low point of my Santatheistic years. My strongest memory of those
    days still remains gratitude that my father unplugged the Chrismas lights at
    night. Even today every year there are hundreds of Chrismas tree fires in the
    U.S., millions of dollars in damage, and deaths and burn victims. Merry

  • Elizabeth.

    bad santa — a touching picture… who will bring him for chrismas alwayspuzzled’s “counselor, a Buddhist seminar, or any other centering activity of [his] choice”? May his next year (& yours) be merry!

  • dagobarbz

    I’m a big Krampus fan myself…